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5 Important Things Travelers Must Know About Cancun Beaches

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This winter, millions of travelers are flocking to Cancun’s award-winning beaches in search of sun, fun, and tropical hospitality. A day out on the beach is a must-do when visiting Cancun, as it is home to some of the most incredible beaches in the world. Cancun’s gorgeous coastline is unmatched in condition, beauty, and variety, and In this article, we’ve rounded up five essential things travelers need to know about Cancun’s beaches this high season.

Overview of one of Cancun's beaches with travelers

Cancun’s Beaches Are Safe From Water-Born Illnesses 

State and local environmental authorities just wrapped up a massive investigation into the presence of harmful bacteria on some of Quintana Roo’s main beaches. The conclusion: none of the 28 beaches included in the analysis were found to contain traces of water-born illnesses or other harmful specimens, meaning travelers can feel at ease when enjoying the region’s top beaches. All of Cancun’s six major beaches were found to be in excellent condition, meaning authorities have been doing a great job keeping public beaches clean.

Clean beach with blue waters and sunbathing facilities

Cancun Beaches Are Expected To Be Sargassum-Free For Three Months

Cancun’s beaches are likely to see extremely low levels of sargassum seaweed for at least the next several months, according to environmental experts. The sargassum season came to an end in late October after officials struggled to cope with near-record levels of the pesky seaweed over the summer. Travelers headed to Cancun over the winter period can enjoy pristine beaches with minimal traces of the foul-smelling seaweed, and officials say it isn’t likely to make a comeback until March next year.

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Playa del Carmen Beach with Sargassum under a bright blue sky.

Wave And Rip Currents: A Hidden Danger

Cancun’s beaches are inviting, and for the most part, they’re perfectly safe for a day out. Occasionally, though, a hidden danger lurks in the tropical waters: strong currents and rip tides. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on Cancun’s color-coded flag warning system, which is meant to give travelers an indication of how safe it is to swim. A green flag means optimal swimming conditions, whereas a yellow flag points to more turbulent waters, and swimmers should exercise increased caution. Lastly, a red flag indicate dangerous conditions, and swimming isn’t advised. 

Playa Delfines Strong Waves

If you’re traveling with children, it’s a good idea to go over essential safety tips like how to escape a rip tide. Whilst Cancun’s beaches have on-duty lifeguards, the sea can be unpredictable, especially during bad weather. 

White-sand beach in Cancun with hotels

Safety First

Authorities in Cancun and around the Mexican Caribbean have implemented several measures over the holiday season to keep travelers safe, sending hundreds of law enforcement officials to patrol busy beaches. With Cancun’s beaches attracting thousands of daily sunbathers, pickpockets and other criminals can snatch valuable items in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s important to remain aware of your surroundings and never leave your personal belongings unattended. Follow these essential tips to stay safe during your next Cancun trip. 

Happy family walking on a Cancun beach

When planning a day out at the beach, leave your valuables safely stored in your hotel room safe, and take only essentials – water, sunscreen, and towels – with you. Opt for small amounts of cash rather than cards, which are a valuable target for criminals. 

Beautiful tropical beach with good weather in Cancun

Sunscreen Is Key

It may be freezing cold up north – but in Cancun, the sun never stops shining, even during the coldest months of the year (which are still pleasantly warm!). Travelers vacationing in the area during the winter period should always remember the golden rule of applying sunscreen regularly, as the tropical sun can be quick to cause sunburns. With temperatures of up to 86 Fahrenheit in December, sunburns can occur in as little as 11 minutes of exposure. 

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