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60 Cancun Taxi Drivers Fined For Overcharging Passengers

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Cancun’s taxi drivers have attracted negative attention in past months over unfair practices such as overcharging, a problem often faced by visitors. With more reports of abusive pricing, local authorities are paying more attention to the issue with at least 60 Cancun taxi drivers facing sanctions in the past month alone. 

According to local authorities, more than 60 taxi operators were sanctioned in July due to malpractice such as overcharging or failing to properly use the taximeter. Cancun officials have been keeping a closer eye on the issue and have provided visitors with guidance on what to do in case they are overcharged. Although several dozen complaints are registered monthly, the vast majority go unreported due to a lack of awareness over legal options. Now, with the issue gaining visibility, an increasing number of taxi drivers are facing administrative penalties for improper pricing.

The past few months have seen multiple incidents of both tourists and residents falling victim to different taxi scams. Some users have taken to social media to share their experiences, noting the lack of professionalism from some Cancun taxi drivers. For a long time already, overcharging has been one of the main issues affecting visitors in the area. In one incident, a taxi driver was caught insulting a passenger when she asked the driver to show the taxi’s fare meter.

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Taxi drivers that are caught in the act now face penalties, including fines. In severe cases, they may have their taxi license revoked temporarily. In addition, taxi drivers are now obliged to take a mandatory course imparted by the Labor Secretary, which aims at improving taxi drivers’ attitudes and countering illegal charging practices.

Taxi drivers have been a source of concern for some time already, with a sense of frustration due to authorities’ inaction. With a record-breaking summer vacation season in full swing, millions of tourists are expected to visit Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean over the following months, many of whom take taxis upon arrival and going to the airport. 

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Currently, taxi prices from the airport to Cancun’s hotel zone range from about $28 to $30, usually taking around 30 minutes. However, due to the extensive road construction happening around the Colosio boulevard, which leads to Cancun’s city center and the hotel district, delays of up to several hours have been reported, which may add a significant price tag to visitors’ rides. Meanwhile, a taxi ride to the popular resort town of Playa del Carmen costs around $45 to $50 and takes around an hour.

Keep This In Mind When Taking A Taxi In Cancun

Taking a taxi is often a cheap, fast, and convenient option for tourists in Cancun, especially in light of lacking public transport options. However, many tourists fall victim to scams and may end up paying more than necessary for their ride. To avoid such situations, here are a few important tips.

First, make sure that your taxi has a taximeter that is properly running and with the right fare. Some taxi drivers may hide it or not have one altogether. It’s also a good idea to take note of the taxi’s license number, as well as the time that you got on the taxi. If you feel that your driver may have overcharged you, you can report it to one of the taxi association’s hotlines, which can be found here

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Tourists may also opt for mobile applications that can be used to order a taxi. These come with the benefit of allowing users to verify the price before taking the ride, and many offer electronic receipts. Guests can also arrange private transfers or use a shuttle service, which many resorts provide at no additional cost. 

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