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Airlines Asking Cancun Tourists To Leave Hotel 5 Hours Prior To Flight

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Some airlines are recommending that passengers should leave the hotel up to 5 hours before their flight in order to be able to catch their flight on time.

Delta, Air Canada, and Spirit have all highlighted that passengers should be more cautious with planning their times and schedules going in and out of the Cancun International Airport.

crowded cancun airport

The delays are being caused by multiple different factors. The first and foremost causing the long delays is the new construction reformations that are happening on the Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard. The plan to expand the avenue, improve the general state of the road and many other changes that are aimed to facilitate transportation in and out of the airport in the future.

cancun avenue crowded

Unfortunately, all these reforms are expected to last for at least one year. The government of Cancun has issued alternatives routes to escape the construction back logs but these secondary roads have also become backed up causing massive delays.

cancun airport

With construction delays and the massive influx of tourists this summer, getting in and out of the airport has become very challenging. Summer is always busy in Cancun and sees both domestic and international tourists. Over the last year, Cancun has become one of the most in demand destinations in the world for tourism with its white sand beaches, perfect weather and endless tourism activities.

playa del carmen

All that puts pressure on an already complicated airport, which receives close to 10 million passengers annually. The Cancun International Airport is the 9th busiest in the world. In addition, many airlines have direct flights from the continental United States to Cancun. As a result, many seek Mexico as a favorite international destination, with lower prices, a friendly environment, excellent hospitality, and fantastic food.

people entering cancun airport

The construction on the the boulevard and the massive flow of tourists are making the movement in the area a troubling task for many flying to the Yucatan Peninsula every day. The local government is prioritizing other methods of transportation like buses to facilitate the flow of people but private transfers remain the most popular option for tourists.

security in cancun airport

The recommendation of leaving the hotel 5 hours prior to departure time also includes the time that it takes inside the airport. The Cancun Airport is struggling to keep up with demand, with many paseengers reporting long queues checking in. This 5-hour advice includes 2 hours for transportation to the airport and 3 hours once arriving.

crowded cancun airport

The highway construction project is temporary and being made to improve the transit in and out of the airport. Since no trains go to the airport yet, the boulevard is the only way to arrive in Cancun and many of the popular tourism cities nearby.

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Saturday 13th of August 2022

This is not a comment but a question. What is the best car rental to have when coming to Cancun? I plan on going to Merida and then to Akumal and finally to Cozumel. I would appreciate any suggestions.


Thursday 11th of August 2022

I would agree that people should be arriving a little earlier than what would be considered normal at other airports. I flew out on August 4th, and my taxi driver was showing me the backed up traffic around the airport that had hundreds of cars just sitting. I got there more than 2 hours early. With check-in, security, and waiting for more than 30 minutes to get a burger at Johnny Rockets, I was able to finish half of my food before flight started boarding, and this was after a gate change. With the construction going on, tons of travelers, and long lines, even for the bathrooms, I would definitely plan it put better to not have risked getting left behind.

Marcos hanson

Wednesday 10th of August 2022

If you gotta catch the 1st bus from playa del Carmen for a morning flight out of cancun Airport it doesn't look like you're going to make it 🤷‍♂️

Vincent Tognocchi

Wednesday 10th of August 2022

I was there a week and a half ago and we left 2.5 hours before (from hotel zoneria) and we did hit unusual traffic (I go twice a year) but we still had time to eat at Guy Fieri’s … I will never leave 5 hours before

Alexis Menard

Monday 8th of August 2022

Actually they could smooth out a lot of the wait if they didn't force passengers with no check in luggages to wait in line with the passengers checking in luggages. We went there for a week, did not need to check in lugagages yet we had to wait 45 min in line for the documents to be checked (took less than one minute). I'm sure they could organize it better and have a dedicated desk/personnel to process these passengers as they come in (while processing the other ones when there is none). Require no additional people, just organization.