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American Arrested In Playa Del Carmen For Weapons And Drugs 

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Chicago Native And Mexican Criminal Partner Found With Large Quantities Of Drugs

An American man was arrested with his Mexican accomplice in Playa del Carmen last week after a police chase ended with the discovery of a loaded firearm and large quantities of drugs. Both men are in custody awaiting trial.

police car on beach

According to multiple reports, members of the Mexican Army who patrols Quintana Roo spotted the American, identified only as “John N,” walking along 2nd Street in Playa del Carmen between 10th and 12th street. He was wearing a backpack, and a firearm was apparently exposed on his belt line. It is unclear if he was aware he was showing the weapon purposely or if his shirt had moved and unveiled the weapon. 

The police initiated a chase on foot at this point, following the man to a two-story building nearby, which appeared to be his and his accomplice’s hideout. The police successfully apprehended the man at this point and searched his clothes and backpack, discovering a large number of illegal materials.

armed police on beach

The presence of a firearm was confirmed, along with at least five cartridges ready for use, and then the gun was loaded. In the bag, large quantities of drugs were found. The report suggests thirty-three bags of marijuana were found, along with one hundred bags of a white powder expected to be cocaine. Tests will be run to confirm each of the substances. A considerable amount of cash was also found in the backpack.

Upon entering the building, his accomplice, a Mexican man identified as “Daniel N” was also arrested. The police found even greater quantities of drugs in his possession. He had five hundred and sixteen bags of cocaine, a suitcase full of packaged marijuana, and seven packages of an unknown substance but presumed to be a drug. All are to be tested to clarify if they are indeed drugs.

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During the arrest, one of the suspects suffered some kind of health problem. It is unclear the exact cause, but his blood pressure was reportedly a major issue. He was taken to the hospital in an ambulance while “John N” was moved to a holding cell for processing. After being treated at the hospital, the other man was released into custody and joined his accomplice at the station.

Arrests like this are a good sign that the forces currently patrolling the region are functioning well, but the volume of drugs in their possession also points to a continued issue of tourists purchasing the substances.

police station

Cancun and the wider Quintana Roo region has suffered greatly despite its impressive growth in popularity over the last few years. Violence has increased along with the tourist numbers, with multiple organized crime syndicates vying for control of the valuable area.

Tourists still remain generally safe from the violence, but its presence continues to pose a threat as attacks grow more frequently. Visitors are far more likely to be caught in the crossfire than be targeted, but the threat does remain.

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The violence hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the United States and Canada both announcing travel warnings for Mexico and Quintana Roo in particular. The warning advise tourists not to wander alone at night, stick to the hotel zone where possible, and always avoid any interaction with the illegal sale or purchase of drugs.

police dog in playa del carmen

Similarly, the Mexican government installed several programs reminding tourists of the potential punishment for those caught with drugs. Many enter the country with the impression that laws regarding drugs are far looser than in the states. The reality is that possession could easily land a foreigner three years in prison.

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