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Authorities Will Introduce Measures To Prevent Protests In Cancun Hotel Zone

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Authorities in Cancun are to introduce new measures to prevent protesters from shutting down streets and affecting the city’s tightly packed hotel zone. The announcement was made after a protest last week left many tourists stranded and unable to catch their flights, causing economic losses for hotels and airlines. Cancun’s hotel zone is home to the vast majority of the city’s large resorts and is vital for the region’s booming economy.

Cancun protest

Local and state officials met up this week to devise a new strategy to protect Cancun’s busy hotel district from disruptive protests. The meeting, led by Jorge Aguilar Osorio, the city hall’s secretary general, comes on the heels of a protest last week over authorities’ inaction concerning the growing number of disappearances in the Mexican Caribbean. 

Small Police in Playa del Carmen

Under the new guidelines, authorities will work closely with activist groups and protesters to defuse potentially conflictual situations. The goal is to prevent protests from boiling up and causing chaos in the hotel district’s busy streets, which are already suffering from traffic build-up and record numbers of tourists. 

Although authorities have stressed the importance of free speech and political rights, they are concerned about protesters blocking streets and shutting down businesses. This is especially true for Cancun’s densely populated hotel zone, where the vast majority of international visitors spend their holiday in the Mexican Caribbean.

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orange wheelie suitcase with tag marked Cancun at the airport.

In a recent radio interview, Jorge Aguilar stated that Cancun’s government is committed to protecting the city’s hotel district from protests and blockades. “Protesters cannot exceed certain limits, and we will not allow these kinds of situations to happen,” the official was quoted as saying. 

Street protesters

Earlier last week, a massive 9-hour protest took place in the heart of Cancun’s hotel district when hundreds of people congregated in the area to demand a high-level negotiation with Mara Lezama, the state governor. In doing so, protestors blocked traffic and prevented hotel employees from reaching their workplaces. Protesters also demanded that the state’s general attorney, Oscar Montes de Oca, step down.

Protest effort

As a result, hundreds of travelers missed their departures, and many more experienced significant delays. Overall, economic losses amounted to several hundred million Mexican pesos, according to local business representatives. Moreover, officials say Cancun’s reputation may have taken a serious hit among visitors, who flocked to the area for tropical beaches and peace of mind. 

Meanwhile, protesters are continuing to demand more action from the state government, and more mass protests might be on the horizon. Now, the government is intent on defusing the situation as Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean head into the busy winter season. 

Police car on street

Activists have said they are willing to strike for as long as needed until their demands are met. For their part, officials will work to protect hotels and resorts from suffering any type of material damage, as protests can quickly turn sour or even violent. Law enforcement agencies, from the municipal to state level, will also work closely to ensure legal order and social harmony.  

Rising crime rates and a rather high number of people gone missing this year have made the headlines several times this year. The issue, which has troubled the Mexican Caribbean state of Quintana Roo for years already, is a major concern to authorities. With Cancun being ranked the second-most popular destination globally, officials are determined to keep travelers safe. 

Protest demands

Last week, state officials announced that 200 marines from the Mexican Navy would be deployed shortly to tourist hotspots across the region to prevent crime. It follows another similar announcement made earlier this year, and this summer, up to 4000 law enforcement personnel were deployed in the Mexican Caribbean to keep tourists safe. 

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Tuesday 22nd of November 2022

Cancun is the most corrupt city in the state, and the citizens are no longer gonna bow down and take the abuse that is being allowed by the government. They brag on social media about the how we lead the country in tourism but they leave the city rot in corruption and violence. And this small protest hit them where it hurt. It is about time the people did something about it so that people from all over the world can actually hear what the local people actually need, because the Mexican Caribbean is being whored out to the organized crime by the Morena polítical party. Mara Lezama left Cancun in shambles and is now gonna do the same to the rest of the state. Shame on her and All of her puppets.

Michael Asay

Sunday 27th of November 2022

@James, not here in the no. 1 destination, Puerto Vallarta!!!

C. P. Nolan

Monday 21st of November 2022

QRoo is also the most trash ridden place we’ve ever experienced. Mexico needs to fine ALL persons dropping or dumping trash anywhere short of a landfill. More education would be helpful!


Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

@C. P. Nolan, yes I agree. Disgusting! If they want theists to reach out and experience downtown CNcun the garbage has got to g o!


Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

@C. P. Nolan, True a lot of tourist go around throwing and leaving trash in the beaches and streets as if it was their houses, they should be fined.


Monday 21st of November 2022

I am an expat who lives south of Cancun. The influx of tourist has created opportunities for those who are doing great harm to the reputation of Quintana Roo. You will see less and less US citizens coming to QR as they read about the corruption going on in the entire area. Examples: Held at gun point demanding that tourist give them money or suffer. They also mingle around all areas expats go to. Asking for money, stealing documents, taking items from rental cars and using intimidation.

I am a resident of Mexico and by the grace of God have been protected on several occasions when someone meant to do me harm. I am considering leaving as I do not want to live in fear. As long as opportunity is available they crooks will only escalate their activities.