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Canadian Arrested In Tulum Following Fatal Shooting Of Police Officer

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A Canadian national is being held under custody in Playa del Carmen after fatally shooting a police officer in Tulum on Monday. The shocking incident occurred after police attempted to arrest the man, who is suspected of having shot a passerby.

Police car Tulum

The first reports of the incident emerged on Monday when a police officer died after attempting to arrest a Canadian man that had shot a truck driver. More details surrounding the incident have come to light over the week as authorities launch a detailed investigation into the case. 

The unfortunate course of events took off on Monday afternoon when police were notified of a man who had reportedly attempted to shoot a truck driver in the town of Francisco Hu May, in Tulum. Luckily, the victim escaped unscathed, but the same cannot be said for the suspect, who was chased by police officers. Upon confronting the man, the suspect fatally shot a police officer, who died a few hours later due to severe injuries. 

Cancun Police

After the attack, the suspect fled to his home and set it on fire, after which he made his way to the street. Law enforcement officials were able to track the man but had to resort to force in order to neutralize the suspect, who was shot in the leg. The injured suspect was then taken to a Playa del Carmen hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries. The man is now under police custody.

Authorities have launched a detailed investigation into the crime and have yet to release information about possible motives behind the gruesome case. According to a statement by local police, “the suspect is now being held under police custody, and the corresponding authorities in Tulum are looking into the case.” 

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Quintana Roo’s public security agency posted a Tweet on Tuesday in which it expressed its solidarity for the loss of the police officer, who they say died protecting the public from crime.

The incident is one of the rare cases in which police officers have had to resort to forceful means to neutralize and capture a foreigner. Although no official information has been made available concerning the suspect’s legal status and criminal background, it is highly likely he has some involvement in local organized crime groups.

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Several crimes have taken place involving Canadian nationals recently. Last year, a Canadian couple was murdered in a Riviera Maya apartment, and a police investigation concluded that the man had been fleeing from authorities for some time and was guilty of fraud and forging fake documents. In another gruesome incident this January, two Canadian citizens were shot in Xcaret, Mexico in Riviera Maya. 

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How Safe Is The Mexican Caribbean?

Despite several shocking incidents making the headlines as of late, such as the disappearance of a young Japanese tourist in Playa del Carmen, the Mexican Caribbean remains a safe destination for visitors. More than 22 million travelers have flocked to the area this year, a number which is expected to reach 26 million by the end of the year.

american airlines aircraft taking off from airport, Los Angeles in the background

The local government is also taking tourists’ safety seriously and has deployed several thousand troops and law enforcement personnel in tourist hotspots to prevent crime from affecting travelers. That being said, visitors are urged to keep a few safety-related tips in mind when traveling to the Mexican Caribbean, such as avoiding walking alone at night and mainly sticking to touristy areas.

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Meanwhile, Quintana Roo is currently under a Level 2 Travel Advisory in the latest travel update by the U.S Department of State. Whilst overall a safe destination, travelers are reminded about the small risk of being affected by violent crime or kidnappings, but both are extremely rare.

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