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Canadian Found Dead In Apartment Near Tulum

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Little Information Leaves Much To Debate In Mysterious Case

A Canadian man has been found dead in his apartment near Tulum this week. The lack of information has led to much speculation in the region.

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According to initial reports, the man lived in an apartment in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, not far from Tulum, in the neighborhood of Juan Bautista Vega. His lifeless body was discovered by his landlord who had arrived at the apartment seeking overdue rent.

The landlord had not heard from his tenant for multiple days despite owing money to him, and he entered the property when several attempts to get his attention had failed. Another report suggested that someone else who lived in the building had seen the man’s feet through the window on several occasions over the course of several days but they had assumed he was sick or sleeping.

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Upon entering the apartment, the landlord discovered the body and reported the death to the police. The body was removed and transferred to the local forensics office for an autopsy.

The case has been the center of much unofficial speculation as little has been released about the case. The only information released about the deceased man is his nationality. His name, age, or even what he was doing in the area have not been released and its unclear if they are even known. One source suggested that the landlord has no idea who to contact in Canada, suggesting that even a name was not enough information to attempt to seek anyone who would know the man.

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Tulum has become popular in recent years for longer-term travelers and ex-pats thanks to its relatively low cost of living and the lack of COVId restrictions during the pandemic. It is assumed he was living at least temporarily in the town

Felipe Carrillo Puerto is not a tourist town, so it is assumed he may have been seeking cheaper accommodation. It’s around an hour from Tulum and about two hours from Playa del Carmen and is generally considered off the beaten path for visitors. In a relatively small town of around 25 thousand people, the Canadian’s presence in the town alone raises multiple questions.

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Unfortunately, no further information has been released even the cause of death. With no age offered, any suggestions are pure speculation. If the man was older it may be that natural causes are the answer. Others on social media have thrown around the possibility of drug use will others have even suggested the involvement of organized crime. It should be made clear that there is no evidence that organized crime is involved and that there is currently no suggestion that any foul play is involved.

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Cases like this do appear in Quintana Roo sometimes, and sadly it’s not the only tragic story in the past few weeks. A 72-year-old American man died last week while snorkeling on the coast. According to reports, a heart attack was the most likely cause of death, but mix-ups with the rescue services left him floating in the ocean for almost ten miles before being retrieved.

In another story, two young American girls were abandoned by their mother who flew home to South Carolina without them. The pair of sisters have been in organized care for the last few months and have only just returned home to be processed in the social system in their home state.

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A number of drownings have also taken place in the past week as many tourists continue to ignore the warning flags placed by lifeguards. Many bathers find themselves pulled to sea by strong riptides or exhausted by fighting heavy waves.

Those traveling to Cancun or Quintana Roo in the near future should ensure they have emergency contacts available for the worst-case scenario so as to avoid a similar situation to the Canadian man.

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