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Cancun Authorities To Resolve Airport Road Congestion After Threats of Blockades

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Cancun authorities were able to stop transport companies from staging yet another blockade as a form of protest in the road that leads to the Cancun airport. This time around the transport companies had an issue with the closure of an exit ramp that allowed vehicles to make a U turn on a specific part of the highway. Originally the closure of the exit ramp was thought of as a security measure as rejoining the highway on the other side was deemed dangerous. 

8 passenger van tranfer cancun

The closure of this exit ramp led to authorities setting up other ramps on the fly. In some cases making a U turn in those ramps that were set up provisionally made things even more dangerous for drivers, or at least that’s the consensus that airport shuttle companies reached. Their main issue was that the closure of the ramp was also causing them to have to go further up the road to take another ramp to make the U turn, and therefore adding, in their view, unnecessary time to their many airport trips. Because of this they had already threatened to set up a blockade. Luckily negotiations between airport transport companies and local authorities had a positive outcome and the blockade never took place. 

Smaller Streets In The Area May Come Into Use

The Agreements That Were Reached Are Set To Take Immediate Effect  

The agreements that were reached between members of the local transport associations and authorities can’t necessarily be considered a huge win for transport unions. According to a press release, local authorities put out the exit ramp that was previously closed off and was seemingly the cause of the issue. However, national guard members would remain stationed on the bridge and could seemingly close off the exit ramp at any given point. That statement certainly opens the door for future conflicts around the same issue if national guard members decide to block off access to the ramp on a consistent basis. 

Cancun Roads

In an effort to alleviate some of the current traffic issues that plague the road to the Cancun airport there are plans to increase the number of lanes on both sides of the road. At the same time, there are plans to open up different exit ramps within the route and in an effort to ensure that this one exit ramp won’t remain as vital to vehicles who regularly transit through this area. This whole renovation project that is set to take place in the road that leads to the airport could be completed in the next 15 months. At least that’s the original time table that authorities are currently running with. 

Road To The Airport

How Much Time Before A Flight Do You Have To Leave For The Cancun Airport?   

There are plenty of factors to consider here, particularly where you’re staying at, and the type of flight that you’re going to take. It’s well known that airlines typically recommend arriving earlier for international flights than for local flights. In any case, a trip from the Cancun hotel zone to the airport on a good day can take you only about 20 to 25 minutes. 

Tourist Picked Up At The Airport

That time frame is also dependent on where in the hotel zone you’re actually staying at. If you’re staying in other parts of Cancun you’ll have to deal with internal traffic on local avenues, therefore you may want to head for the airport a bit sooner than people who are in the hotel zone. 

You can expect bottleneck traffic virtually at any point during the day when the road that comes from the hotel zone merges with the Cancun-Tulum highway. They both fall into the only road that leads to the airport. This is potentially the spot where most of the major traffic issues are taking place. It’s usually a good idea to take to the road with plenty of time to spare, it’s better to wait for your flight at Margaritaville, to be stuck in traffic and potentially lose the flight.

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