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Cancun Cracks Down On Aggressive Taxi Drivers With Threat Of 18 Years In Prison 

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Cancun taxi drivers have been under the microscope since the beginning of the year when they started acting aggressively toward Uber drivers over a new law.   

The law allows Uber to operate in the tourist destination, but both drivers and passengers that use the platform have been attacked by taxi drivers numerous times during the months since the law went into effect.   

But now Cancun is cracking down on aggressive taxi drivers, with the threat of 18 years in prison for certain violations.   

Two Cancun Taxi Drivers Talking to Each Other After a Car Accident

Cancun Taxi Drivers 

Cancun taxi drivers are notoriously competitive and are known to seek out passengers aggressively.   

Additionally, the fact that Cancun taxi drivers do not always use meters to determine rates means that they often set their own prices.   

The fact that Uber is typically cheaper for tourists has led taxi drivers to go on the offensive because they fear the competition. 

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The Law That Led To Taxi Driver Animosity 

At the beginning of the year, courts determined that Uber could legally operate in Cancun with just a business license.   

Taxi drivers, on the other hand, would still have to pay for their concessions in order to be able to operate legally.   

This led to a lot of animosity from taxi drivers because they would have to compete with Uber’s pricing while paying more to operate. 

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Why Officials Are Cracking Down On Taxi Drivers 

Within days after the court ruling was announced Uber drivers, and even tourists in some cases, began being attacked by aggressive taxi drivers.   

Taxi drivers have attacked vehicles, blocked passages, and tried to convince tourists that Uber is illegal in Cancun.   

Officials have tried to apply sanctions to aggressive drivers exhibiting bad behavior, but actions in the past have not stopped some taxi drivers from continuing their assault on Uber drivers and passengers.   

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Past Incidents Involving Cancun Taxi Drivers 

Although no tourists have been seriously injured, a number of disturbing incidents have taken place in Cancun since it was announced that taxi drivers would have to compete with Uber.   

In January, an Uber vehicle with tourists on board was attacked by taxi drivers, who threw stones at the vehicle, hitting one of the passenger windows.   

In June, there were two incidents, one involving the attack on an Uber driver and another again involving stones being thrown at an Uber vehicle.   

But the most recent case is the most disturbing, as a taxi driver threw acid at an Uber vehicle with a tourist on board, though thankfully, nobody was hurt.   

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What’s Been Done To Address Aggressive Drivers In The Past 

When taxi drivers first started attacking Uber drivers and passengers, officials tried a couple of different things in an attempt to get the attacks to stop.   

In one case, officials sent 60 sanctioned taxi drivers to mandatory training due to a rise in incidents and complaints.   

And when the bad behavior continued, officials then announced that they would start revoking the licenses of taxi drivers involved in attacks.   

Taxi Waiting in the Cancun Hotel Zone

New Consequences For Aggressive Taxi Drivers 

As the attacks from taxi drivers have become more violent, the consequences appear as though they are going to be much more harsh.   

In fact, two drivers who hit a vehicle with tourists on board recently are now facing up to 18 years in prison for the attack.   

Authorities are also seeking to have licenses revoked from aggressive drivers to keep them not just from driving in Cancun but anywhere in the country. The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo stated that they “are going to go with everything against these violent behaviors that are injuring tourism and the image of Quintana Roo.”   

Taxi Vehicles Sitting in the Taxi Waiting Area in Cancun Hotel Zone.

Safe Transportation Options In Cancun 

Uber and taxis are not the only transportation options in Cancun.   

Private transportation is available and can be booked in advance for not much more than what a taxi would cost.   

Until the animosity of taxi drivers towards Uber drivers cools down, this may be the safest form of transportation to use during your Cancun vacation.

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