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Cancun Has The Highest Gas Prices In All Of Mexico

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Cancun became the city with the highest price of premium gasoline in Mexico.

Ricardo Sheffield, head of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office, stated that the most expensive premium gasoline and diesel in the whole country is sold in Cancun. The local prices in Cancun exceeded the stipulated cost by 3 pesos. 

gas station in mexico

This revelation came in a program roughly translated to English as ‘Who is Who in the Price of Fuels’ presented in front of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. 

The B.P. company sells premium gasoline at 25.12 pesos per liter with a margin of 3 pesos and 60 centavos. According to Ricardo, most of this goes to Quintana Roo, the home state of the city of Cancun. The lowest prices can be observed in Merida, Yucatan at 21.79 pesos. 

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Similarly, diesel fuel is set at 24.73 pesos in Cancun with a margin of 3.30 pesos, with the lowest prices being observed in Tamaulipas. 

Although expensive, the officials state that there have been no irregularities outside the regular supply and demand cycle. 

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Mexico is currently witnessing its highest inflation in 20 years. The government is maintaining President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s commitment to keeping gasoline prices stable even when the state keeps losing much revenue. The stringent policy means that the fuel subsidy is now costing more than the oil export profits

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Currently, the consumers are exempt from paying the IEPS fee of 5.49 pesos ($0.26) per liter for Magna gasoline, the most consumed in Mexico, and the 4.63 pesos ($0.22) per liter for the premium fuel.

In the aftermath of such expensive fuel prices, it is uncertain if previous obligations to keep prices in check will be followed through. Earlier in March this year, Taxi Drivers’ Union Cancun had declared that taxi fares wouldn’t rise despite increasing oil prices, while the resilience of the union is admirable, it becomes more uncertain if this obligation can be fulfilled. 

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The price hike could not have timed it worse for budget tourists as the flight prices (mainly from the U.S.) are skyrocketing due to the burgeoning post-pandemic travel. Flights from the U.S. can cost as much as almost 24 percent more than they did in 2021. In addition, the visitors are now expected to pay 48 percent more in comparison to 2019 for accommodation, meaning that a hotel room that costs $300 a night in 2019 would cost closer to $500 a night now. 

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With such scorching costs, you can reduce your holiday expenditure using public transportation. Some buses run 24 hours throughout the Cancun Hotel Zone and only cost 8.50 Pesos to ride (about 40 cents). There are also transfer options from the airport to the downtown, including ADO bus, which costs 86 Pesos and can get you directly to the city center of Cancun. 

petrol being extracted

In addition to public transportation, biking can also be a healthy and more economical alternative, with several regular and e-bike rentals operational in the city. Furthermore, the town is very pedestrian-friendly, with several attractions and famous beaches within walking distance. 

Also, Cancun is a flat coastal city, making it easy to walk around, with no hills or ups and downs. If you choose to walk, the touristic experience is considerably more profound, getting in touch with more people, smells, stores, habits, sounds and much more enjoyable feelings from local culture than using a car, which is not so affordable right now.

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