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Cancun Hit By Heavy Rain: “Operation Storm” Launched To Aid Travelers

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Authorities in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean have launched Operation Storm to protect travelers and residents amidst ongoing rainy weather. 

heavy rain and clouds in cancun beach

Cancun and other nearby hotspots have been hit hard by heavy precipitation, wind, and thunder over the past week, causing flooding and other damage to buildings and homes. 

With heavy flooding currently affecting numerous hotspots in the region, first responders and emergency workers have been deployed to rescue trapped travelers.

Ambulance on a Street in Cancun, Mexico

The summer season is just around the corner, with millions of travelers set to visit Cancun and beyond over the coming months. With that in mind, here’s the latest on Cancun’s emergency weather response.

Flooded Streets & Casualties Reported Amid Stormy Cancun Weather

The wet season is in full swing in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, as heavy rain continues to batter the popular touristy region. 

Over the past week, numerous resort hotspots have seen reports of localized flooding and damage to homes & businesses. 

storm ocean view in cancun

The relentless rain has prompted officials in Cancun to activate a storm protocol to protect travelers from the bad weather. 

This week, Quintana Roo’s government launched Operation Storm, deploying dozens of workers across the region to ensure the safety of residents & travelers. 

The operation involves the use of specialized tow trucks and cranes to assist cars and other vehicles that may become trapped due to flash flooding. 

Light Flooding In Cancun Villas

While the operation is largely focused on preventing traffic accidents, officials are also assisting travelers who have been left stuck due to fallen trees and flooded streets. 

Intense precipitation has led to flooding in numerous resort areas, including in Tulum Avenue and other highly transited streets. In Cancun, flooding has mainly affected the city’s downtown districts, which lack the proper infrastructure to deal with heavy rain. 

The state-wide storm protocol is also being implemented in Playa del Carmen, where workers have already rescued several vehicles, where flooding has been reported in numerous residential areas home to Airbnbs and smaller hotels. 

approaching storm clouds in cancun

According to the Imoveqroo government agency, travelers can call the state’s rescue service by dialing 800 801 0189. The emergency line is active during the ongoing period of heavy rain

While Cancun’s resort zone has been spared from widespread flooding, travelers are being urged to avoid driving in the area due to inclement weather. 

Chetumal, the state capital of Quintana Roo, has been hit the hardest by heavy precipitation, with residents in some neighborhoods having to resort to getting around in boats.  

workers fixing the maya train tracks

The state meteorological institute is warning travelers and residents to pay close attention to weather warnings and to exercise heightened precaution due to ongoing storms. 

As a result of the bad weather, nearly all aquatic activities have been temporarily suspended in places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen, with travelers being told to stick to their resorts and other safe indoor spaces. The new Maya Train railway system has also suffered from delays and cancellations, further worsening the launch of the state-of-the-art transport option.

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean are currently in the midst of the wet season, a period characterized by unusually high precipitation and tropical storms. 

a beach in cancun affected by storm

And while the region is no stranger to the occasional storm, such continuous heavy rain is rather exceptional, showcasing the lack of proper infrastructure in the region’s urban areas. 

The following week is expected to bring respite to heavy rains, although scattered thunderstorms will continue to affect Mexican Caribbean hotspots. 

Travelers visiting the region in the coming weeks can monitor the latest weather warnings on Mexico’s meteorological institute’s official website.

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