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Cancun Hotels To Use Locator Service During Hurricane Season To Protect Tourists

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With hurricane season approaching Cancun, local authorities and the tourism industry are preparing to keep tourists safe.

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According to Solidaridad Municipality’s Director of Tourism Promotion, Carlos Jimenez, hotels will use the Guest Locator platform to keep track of their visitors in case of a strong storm.

The platform will help hotels know how many guests are in their hotel at one time and have their location.

According to Director Jimenez, although the system already exists and is always active, Guest Locator is used at its full potential during hurricane season.

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What is Guest Locator?

Guest Locator is a technology that identifies tourists’ location and situation while visiting Quintana Roo in the case of an unexpected storm during hurricane season.

Hotels and accommodations register with Guest Locator so that authorities can identify the likely location of guests in the event of a storm.

If you are staying at a property facilitated through a digital platform or another non-traditional accommodation, you can subscribe to the Guest Locator service through its website.

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The website is full of helpful information and an essential resource for any tourist in the Riviera Maya.

Tourists can search the hotel directory, locate their country’s consular office, or search for their nearest tourism office.

In addition, the Guest Locator website has information on how tourists should react in the case of a hurricane.

Hurricanes In Quintana Roo

Hurricane season in Mexico begins on June 1st and lasts through November. However, unlike other beach destinations in the Caribbean, the Riviera Maya is not usually affected by hurricanes.

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In 2022, scattered storms were the only effect of hurricane season, and tourists can expect more of the same this year.

According to AccuWeather forecasts, the Mexican Caribbean is expected to experience mild weather throughout the summer and fall.

Nevertheless, authorities in the region take the threat of a hurricane very seriously and are prepared for major storms.

According to Guillermo Nunez Leal, the coordinator of Civil Protection for Quintana Roo, “virtually everything is ready” for hurricane season.

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The government has prepared over 120 shelters for tourists affected by hurricanes and natural disasters.

Coupled together, the guest locator service and hurricane shelters hope to ensure that all tourists are accounted for and safe during hurricane season.

What To Do During A Hurricane

As authorities prepare for hurricane season, travelers must educate themselves to keep themselves safe in times of crisis.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Natural Disasters and Severe Weather division lists tips for people in areas that may be affected by hurricanes.

First and foremost, hurricane victims should do their best to stay out of floodwater. Chemicals and waste products may contaminate floodwater and cause serious health effects for those that encounter it.

If you come into contact with floodwater, wash your hands and body immediately.

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In addition, the water itself can pose a risk of drowning or injuring a person. Therefore, people ought to wear a life vest if one is available and stay off the road if there is flowing water.

Victims should also watch for damaged infrastructure and downed powerlines after a hurricane. Since there is a risk of electrocution, turn off the power to the building you are taking refuge in if possible.

The Guest Locator website reminds people to take cover during a storm and remain in a safe location for at least 30 minutes after the storm. Calm weather may indicate that the eye of the storm is passing by rather than the storm itself being over.

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Preparation by local authorities and tourists alike can help keep people safe during hurricane season.

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