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Cancun Nautical Association To Clean Nichupté Lagoon

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Cancun is filled with beautiful streams of rivers and lakes, one of them being the Nichupté Lagoon. The cities Nautical Association is embarking on a mission to thoroughly clean the popular location in order to ensure crystal clean water for its frequent visitors.

The Nichupte Lagoon is located on the east coast of Cancun and is classified as ‘’a natural paradise’’ by some of its visitors. The lagoon represents a large area of natural reserve and is filled with different animal species.

Nichupté Lagoon Cancun

The president of the Nautical Association says the Nichupté Lagoons’ large size and depth commonly attracts boats. Some boats have been abandoned in the water after being left by owners, causing slight pollution in the water. Recently, the Nautical association has been encouraged to take charge and perform a deep cleaning inside the body of water.

The mission is still pending. Although the Nautical association has expressed deep interest in cleaning the lagoon since local authorities have not addressed the problem, authorization to do so has not yet been given.

Nichupté Lagoon boat

As authorization of the cleaning continues to pend, the association has already thoroughly planned out the procedure.

 “We could bring in machinery to float the sunken boats and leave them safely in a corral waiting for the owners to claim them and thus, recover the investment costs, but legally, we cannot do it and that is why the support of the authority is needed, but nobody wants to take responsibility,” explained Nautical head Francisco Fernández Millán.

Nichupte Lagoon

According to Millán, the abandoned boats are commonly located near the mangroves and between the canals and have not been claimed for years.

“There are many in the main part toward the bridge that leaves the bay toward Isla Mujeres,” Millán furtherly stated.

Luckily for Cancun, laws are covered regarding unclaimed property situated in the city’s natural attractions. As Millán states “It is convenient to leave them in a corralón and, in the case of those that are not claimed, there is a law that indicates that after a certain time of finding a boat adrift, it passes as property to the one who found it.’’

Cancun Nautical Association

With this city law, the associate has made plans to use the abandoned boats in the most efficient way possible when cleaning out the area. ‘‘In this case, they could be used to patrol the marine park or given to other agencies that need them,” furtherly suggested Millán.

Cancun is one of Mexico’s most common tourist destinations. Receiving over 1.5 million visitors this March, the city is filled with natural attractions that are common tourist sites. In order to sustain its status, the city constantly works on maintaining the beauty and hygiene of its attractions.

sunset Nichupté Lagoon

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