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Cancun Police Will Begin Using Drones For Surveillance This Summer To Keep Tourists Safe 

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The police and other security officials in Cancun are tasked with keeping millions of tourists safe every year, and they find some pretty creative ways to do it.   

The military can be seen patrolling beaches, the Hotel Zone, and other tourist areas, there are cameras located in various areas throughout the city, and it’s not uncommon to see police officers riding around on ATVs.   

Drone Photo of a Beach in Cancun, Mexico

And now, Cancun police will begin using drones for surveillance this summer to keep tourists safe. 

The Drones 

The drones that will be used by the Secretariat of Public Security for surveillance purposes will go above and beyond the capabilities of models commercially available.   

A total of five drones will be acquired, and they will have night vision capabilities, the ability to fly longer, and have extended range beyond what commercial drones can fly.   

Other surveillance features may be included as well, but that remains to be seen once the final purchase of the drones is completed. 

Surveillance Drone Flying in the Sky

Crime In Cancun 

There is no denying that there is crime in some neighborhoods in the city of Cancun, like many other cities around the world, including other popular vacation destinations.   

But the crime that takes place in tourist areas is typically petty crimes like pickpocketing and scams.  It’s pretty uncommon to hear stories of violent crimes aimed at tourists.   

That is not to say that tourists never get caught up in the crossfire in the rare instances when rival drug gangs have brought their battles to tourist areas, but it’s not common.  

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Security In Cancun 

The reason that violent crime doesn’t infiltrate the tourist areas in Cancun is the efforts officials make toward providing a secure vacation destination for travelers.   

Every method of surveillance, monitoring, and patrolling that can be used is, and it seems to be working because very few crimes against tourists are reported.   

Furthermore, security is ramped up prior to every significant tourist holiday and season to ensure the safety of visitors. 

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When The Drone Project Will Start 

Public officials are still in the process of selecting and purchasing the drones that will be used for surveillance in Cancun.   

They are already in negotiations with drone suppliers, and the purchase is expected to be completed sometime between the months of July and August.   

More security cameras will also be purchased and are part of the project that officials are calling “Blindando por Cancún,” which translates to “Shielding for Cancun.” 

Aerial View of a Beach, the Caribbean Sea, and the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun

Cancun Tourism  

Cancun International Airport welcomed more than 30 million visitors last year and is one of the busiest airports in the world.   

While some of the passengers who come through the airport are destined for other tourist destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, like Playa del Carmen and Tulum, the majority stay in Cancun.   

The huge influx of visitors every year is a true testament to the safety of Cancun as a vacation destination. 

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Safety Tips For Visiting Cancun 

Even though Cancun is a safe vacation destination, visitors should still take their safety into their own hands by following a few safety tips provided below. 

  • Stay in a hotel in one of the tourist areas. 
  • Party responsibly by not becoming too intoxicated. 
  • Don’t wander around at night alone. 
  • Don’t go into unknown neighborhoods. 
  • Don’t be flashy with cash and expensive jewelry. 
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Staying Safe In Cancun 

With the addition of drones and more security cameras to the methods already being used to enhance security, Cancun will be even safer in the future.   

And if visitors do their part by staying vigilant and being aware of their surroundings, safety is enhanced even further.   

And everyone should be able to have a safe Cancun vacation.

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Monday 22nd of May 2023

Drones??? Cancun doesn't have them. The govn't is still selecting and evaluating. July/August time frame. We'll see.


Saturday 20th of May 2023

Cancun is safe and the government is doing a great job.