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Cancun Stays At Orange Covid Alert For Now, Here’s What Happens If It Goes To Red

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Quintana Roo Will Not Add Further Restrictions For The Moment

Cancun tourists received good news this morning as it was announced that the state of Quintana Roo will remain at the orange level on Mexico’s epidemiological traffic light. The decision means further restrictions will not be added for at least another week.

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Visitors hoping to visit the seaside resort town will have been watching with bated breath as the possibility of a ruined vacation loomed, and those already in the city will also be breathing a sigh of relief.

However, the risk of going red hasn’t disappeared yet. According to many sources, the infection rate and the death rate are now stabilizing after a massive New Year spike when millions flooded into the area from aboard. But the potential remains for another spike or a consistent few weeks of rates to push the government a little further.

But what would this mean for tourists? As it’s looking, probably not as much as many would fear.


This morning, the Governor made a statement that speaks volumes for Quintana Roo’s focus on going forward with COVID and provides a lot of hope for the tourist sector. Speaking on the state YouTube channel, Governor Carlos Joaquín en Caminando Juntos said:

“We do not know when the virus will go away, but that cannot prevent us from continuing with the economic recovery and our growth overall. We must learn to live with the virus and continue with the economic development of Quintana Roo.”

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His statements suggest that a point has been reached where, although precautions and restrictions must happen, it cannot hamper the economy and tourists sector any further than is necessary. The statement provides a lot of optimism for those affected by any restrictions.

According to the state government website, any hotels in the region would be limited to a 30% capacity if the traffic light turned red. As it stands in the orange level, it’s now 70%. However, many hotels have been given special dispensation to go above and beyond the current capacity limits. The reality is that most hotels may already be operating at close to full capacity, despite the restrictions.

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It’s unclear how big an allowance on capacity the same hotels would be given within a red level but, with the Governor’s statement in mind, the outlook is looking much better than first anticipated. 

Bars, restaurants, and other similar establishments are also listed as having a 30% capacity if the red level was reached. It is unclear as to whether or not the current capacity of 60% is being enforced strictly or if they have similar dispensations that the hotels have. For tourists who feel justifiably unnerved by the high rates currently being experienced, Cancun has plenty of outdoor venues, or bars with outdoor spaces to considerably reduce any concern they may have.

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Tourists already in the area are reporting very some enforcement of sanitary restrictions while on hotel properties, and although it was announced that surveillance would take place in the region, the bulk of this appears to be for encouraging sanitary habits in establishments as opposed to enforcing rules.

Much of the governor’s other remarks centered around these good health practices and no mention of further restrictions were to be found, again, prompting further confidence that even if a red level was implemented, a vacation to the region is not a dead-end.

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The red-light level no longer has any activities fully closed, and a worst-case scenario appears to be 30% across the board for most points of interest. To avoid any worry, good advice for a tourist would be to contact any tour providers, restaurants, and hotels that they have booked for their trip. Confirming reservations and making further can help to ensure that the vacation runs as smoothly as possible even if the traffic light changes once more.

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Back in July, which was the last time a red level was enforced, the permitted capacities were considerably lower than the newest update, and most other “unessential” establishments were closed. It’s a different time in Quintana Roo and, like many other places in the world, living with the virus and moving forward appears to be the new, new normal.

Again, all tourists should keep on top of any changes to restrictions as they can be dynamic.

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