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Cancun Taxi Drivers To Start Using Digital Platform To Improve Service For Tourists 

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Cancun taxi drivers have been under a lot of fire lately, some would say due in part to their own actions, but they may have a way to rebuild their reputation.   

A digital transportation platform that Cancun taxi drivers will start using, called DiDi Taxi, will allow them to improve service for tourists.   

At the same time, it will give drivers the opportunity to be more competitive in seeking out passengers because the platform will operate similarly to the Uber platform. 

Cancun Taxi Parked on the Street

What Is DiDi Taxi? 

DiDi Taxi is a digital mobility platform created in China that connects taxi drivers to citizens and tourists through an app.   

So far, DiDi Taxi is only available in a handful of cities in Mexico, so Cancun is one of the first to allow the use of this service.   

DiDi Taxi is available in a number of different countries, including Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.  The company does not operate in the U.S. 

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How DiDi Works 

Individuals that need to use the services of a taxi will be able to get onto the DiDi Taxi app and request a taxi.   

Drivers will then be notified of an individual seeking a taxi and will be able to accept the ride.   

Passengers will then have the option of paying with cash, credit card, or debit card.   

In Cancun, DiDi Express will also be available, which allows users to request a private vehicle instead of a taxi.   

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What’s The Difference Between DiDi And Uber? 

The difference between DiDi Taxi and Uber is that the platform provides an option for taxi drivers.   

It gives them the opportunity to be able to be more competitive because it expands the market for them by allowing them to seek out passengers similarly to how Uber drivers are able to.   

One of the main differences between these two platforms, though, is that with DiDi, users can pay for their ride in cash, an option not available with Uber except in certain countries.   

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Benefits Of DiDi Taxi For Drivers And Passengers 

For taxi drivers, the benefit of using the DiDi Taxi platform comes in the form of not having to rely on getting passengers by waiting for someone to call or hail a taxi.   

It allows them to step into the digital age and reap the benefits of the technology that has been their competitor prior to being able to use this service.   

For passengers, the DiDi Taxi platform provides another competitive option for transportation.    

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How DiDi Can Improve Cancun Taxi Service 

One of the biggest improvements in taxi service that comes with the use of the DiDi Taxi platform is the transparency in pricing.   

Taxi drivers have long been known for overcharging tourists using their services to get from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone.   

With the DiDi app, passengers will not only be able to see the pricing but also be able to pay for the ride without ever exchanging cash with the driver if they don’t want to.   

Taxi Vehicles Sitting in the Taxi Waiting Area in Cancun Hotel Zone.

What This Means For Cancun Tourists  

Tourists may no longer have to dread the idea of taking a taxi in Cancun.   

They can feel comfortable in knowing the pricing, and that taxi drivers will be held more accountable so that they continue using the platform.   

There will also likely be less animosity between taxi and Uber drivers, which has caused discomfort among tourists in recent months.   

taxi drivers at cancun airport signs

Other Areas In The Mexican Caribbean Where DiDi Taxi Will Be Available  

Cancun is currently the only Mexican Caribbean destination where DiDi Taxi is available.   

It is expected to expand to nearby cities, though, including Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum, Chetumal, and Bacalar.   

The timeframe for the platform’s availability in other areas is estimated at about 30-40 days, according to reports. 

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