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City Of Cancun Provides Updates On Recent 5-Hour Delays Leaving Cancun

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Some Of The Best Ways To Circumvent The Traffic Issues In The City

We’ve recently reported on the ongoing construction and redevelopment taking place along one of Cancun’s busiest roads. The construction has often left those traveling to and from the airport frustrated with massive wait times as jams build on the central boulevard.

cancun downtown main road

A perfect storm of construction, record summer numbers, and some questionable initial planning, left delays as long as five hours. In recent weeks, tourists were even seen walking into Cancun from the airport, assuming the lengthy walk could actually be quicker than taking a taxi or bus. Airlines like Delta, Spirit, and Air Canada were all aware of the situation and actively advised customers to leave for the airport far earlier than usual to ensure they made it for their flight.

But good news has arrived from the Cancun City Council, which had released information suggesting that things are moving swiftly and that new routes are decreasing the travel times drastically. 

road works

According to the press release, congestion is lessening, and the travel times are dropping to match them. The council researched the current situation on Monday, trialing the time taken to get the main boulevard in Cancun via different roads.

Generally speaking, there are three main routes to get to the Cancun International Airport from the entrance to the Cancun Hotel Zone. One, typically the most popular, heads down Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, another swing outside the city via Huayacan Avenue, and the third moves through the nearside entrance to the hotel zone.

downtown cancun

The measurements taken by the city recorded the amount of time to between the Moon Palace Resort at the South hotel zone entrance to Plaza Del Toros in the North. It should be noted that if your hotel lies closer to the Southern edge of the hotel zone, taking the nearest entrance will be faster.

Currently, traveling via the Hotel Zone to the Cancun Airport will take around 63 minutes. This is the slowest option by far. Again, if your hotel is in the Southern tip in Punta Nizuc or somewhere similar, it will be far less. The time from the airport to the North entrance is about the same.

cancun busy road

Traditionally, the fastest route is Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard. Currently, those traveling to the airport from the northern side of Cancun should a lot, about 48 minutes. Those arriving can anticipate a slightly shorter time of 34 minutes. This journey usually only takes around fifteen minutes.

Huayacan Avenue appears to be the fastest route to the airport. Travelers can expect a trip of around 38 minutes from Plaza del Toros to the airport, and a similar time of 34 minutes to get into Cancun. 

quintana roo roads

It should be noted that all of the mentioned directions are estimates for peak times. The city lists its peak times as 6:30 am until 10:30 am and 5 pm until 8 pm. Travelers arriving or leaving during this time should plan accordingly. It is important to take note of your hotel’s exact location to understand the exact time that it could take.

Regardless, anyone traveling to the airport from the hotel zone at these times should anticipate at least an hour, sometimes worse, when planning their return home. If check-in begins three hours before boarding, tourists should leave at least four hours before departure. Ideally, give some more time on top of it, to ensure no problems arise.

cancun airport

The city also released alternate roads and secondary interconnecting streets that can be utilized in the case of heavier traffic. These are listed below.

Alternate routes to Blvd. Luis Donaldo Colosio:

Huayacan Avenue

135 Avenue

Jose Lopez Portillo Avenue

Highway 180 Mérida-Cancún, known as “Gas Auto”

Secondary interconnecting streets:


Sierra Madre


Colleges Avenue

Chapultepec Street with Rogelio Castorena

Auxiliary Street:

Los Olivos Avenue to Nazareth

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Sunday 21st of August 2022

Does Anyone know how the direct bus from Merida to the airport is affected by this?


Thursday 18th of August 2022

You need to something different to get people to airport. 5 hour is not right.


Tuesday 23rd of August 2022

@Larry, Agree 100%. Totally ridiculous! This year we finally got a noon flight out of Cancun, I thought this will be great we will be able to eat breakfast before we leave. That ain't happening!