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Increasing Number Of Flights To Cancun Facing Last Minute Cancelations 

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Tourists traveling from the United States to Cancun have been dealing with some last-minute cancelations in recent weeks, resulting in an increase in the number of flights between U.S. cities and the Mexican Caribbean paradise. The increase in the number of flights will help combat the frustration that so many travelers are dealing with by finding out that their flights are canceled because with more flights there will be a better chance of getting on another one. In some cases, these passengers don’t even get a flight on the same day, which can be very problematic for many reasons. 

Not only do stranded passengers lose money due to lost days of work but the additional money spent while waiting for another flight can be more than they bargained for as well. Not to mention, when you have a canceled flight sometimes there may not even be enough hotels with available rooms to accommodate everyone affected by the cancelation. Nobody wants to deal with this but more and more since the pandemic, it seems to be happening.  

While some of the flight cancelations are due to weather, many of them are caused by a shortage of crew members. By increasing the number of flights that are scheduled on any given day, it will be more likely that at least some of those will have enough of a crew to fly. While this may not change anything as far as avoiding cancelations in the first place, it will perhaps mean that those passengers scheduled to be on the canceled flights will be able to get onto another flight, with less of a wait.  

One of the most recent cancelations that took place this past Wednesday included nearly a dozen flights flying out of major U.S. cities to Cancun International Airport. In this case, many of those rescheduled flights were booked for the following day. This doesn’t just leave travelers stranded at the airport they are flying out of but also interferes with any connecting flights too.  

In addition to having to wait a day or more for a rescheduled flight, there are not always going to be the right connecting flights the next day. Furthermore, some of these travelers are already getting stranded in a city they were brought to on a connecting flight. This is because the airports in these larger cities are often major hubs that cater to travelers coming from smaller airports to connect to other flights. Some of the cities affected by the most recent cancelations include: 

  • Baltimore 
  • Chicago 
  • Los Angeles 
  • Louisiana 
  • Miami 
  • New York 
  • San Francisco 

For cities like Cancun, and others in the Riviera Maya and along the Mexican Caribbean coast, this is the worst time for these cancelations to be happening because there are so many people wanting to visit right now. Cancun specifically has seen an influx in tourists beyond pre-pandemic numbers, welcoming thousands of visitors every day from all over the world, but particularly from the U.S. and Canada. Visitors coming from these countries will be affected the most by these flight cancelations.  

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Finally, it is important to note that when flights flying into Cancun are canceled this often leaves tourists currently visiting the city stranded as well. When these most recent flights were canceled on Wednesday this left around 300 people stranded at Cancun International Airport wondering how and when they were going to get home.  

cancun at night

Everybody wants to visit Cancun these days and more and more airlines are offering direct flights to the city, even as some airlines are getting rid of routes flying out of certain cities. Rest assured, though, that tourism is growing in Cancun, and the faster and bigger it grows the more options travelers will have for getting to this tropical paradise destination.  

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