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Lifeguards Save 2 Tourists From Drowning In Playa Del Carmen

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This Monday, Playa del Carmen lifeguards rescued two tourists from drowning on a nearby beach. The beachgoers, named Alfredo Rivera, age 38 and Jesus Morgado, age 17, were both visiting Playa Del Carmen from the State of Mexico.

Lifeguards On Beach

The two individuals were on board a boat for a sightseeing tour of the beach and local area. The vessel was supposed to leave them at the edge of the shore but ended up dropping them at least 60 meters away from the sand. The older tourist attempted to aid the younger tourist in reaching the shore, but both faced difficulties as neither of them could swim.

A boat similar to the one involved in the incident

Upon witnessing the event, nearby lifeguards sprang into action, rushing into the water to save the men. In total, three lifeguards were needed to rescue the two individuals, in order to carry them out of the water. Upon reaching the shore, emergency services were contacted and first aid was provided. Fortunately, no ambulance or admission to hospital was needed as the injuries sustained by the individuals were minor.   

At this moment in time, the state of Quintana Roo’s Civil Protection authorities have not stated as to whether the boat company was a clandestine business. Whilst it failed to act accordingly with proper water safety measures, the incident was most likely a mistake on the part of the captain. Either way, the company is expected to review its excursions and ensure that the same mistake is not made twice.

tourist police cancun

As the summer months are one of the most popular times for both national and international tourists to visit Mexico, multiple instances of drowning or water rescues have been recorded. In the space of just four days in June, three bodies were retrieved from some of the most popular beaches in Cancun. The deaths occurred as Cancun’s beaches are famous for dangerous rip currents, which often sweep swimmers out to sea in the blink of an eye.

Cancun authorities have also reported a worrying increase of tourists who ignore flags displayed on the beach, depicting the danger level of the water. Many beaches in the region frequently display red flags, which signify rough surf conditions and a strong current. Whilst walking along the tide is suitable for this flag, beachgoers should refrain from entering the water as there is a severe risk of drowning or injury.

red flag on cancun beach

On the other hand, some of the swimmers who drowned on Cancun beaches did so after entering the sea when lifeguards had finished their shift. This is incredibly dangerous, as, without lifeguards, there is no one to assist tourists who cannot swim or encounter a strong current.  

Tourists Swimming In Sea

Due to the vast number of tourists visiting the region this summer, the city of Cancun even deployed extra lifeguards to some of the most popular beaches in the area, including Playa Delfines, Playa Marlin, Chac Mool and Ballenas. This has ensured that tourists receive extra protection, as there are more lifeguards present to enforce safety measures and encourage tourists to swim only if it is safe to do so.

lifeguards on the beach

In light of this incident, authorities will aim to closely monitor boat tour operators on tourist-frequented beaches in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, to ensure that similar incidents do not occur.

Whilst the two national tourists were saved from drowning, authorities have reminded tourists and locals alike to be vigilant of water conditions and pay attention to the flags on the shore. In the event of an emergency at the beach, both lifeguards and emergency services should be contacted, to ensure the safety of everyone.

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