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Local Cancun University To Remain Closed After Bomb Threat

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The local UT university’s Cancun campus was evacuated earlier in the week over a bomb threat. Apparently the threat was received by the dean of UT university via email. Upon reading the email the dean of the university decided to call local authorities. Within minutes the local police force along with Mexican military personnel arrived on the scene. Their priority was to ensure that students and staff could get out of the buildings safely. Ambulances and medical personnel were also on hand, but luckily no one was hurt in the evacuation process.

Students Were Evacuated From The Building

UT University dean, Julián Aguilar Estrada, has mentioned that he received the threat via the promotions tab on his Gmail account. Indicating that the threat may have come from an email registered to a company. Once he received the email he didn’t take any chances, and called the police. Judging from the rapid response and the amount of staff members that were sent to the area, local authorities didn’t take the threat lightly either.  

police van

So Far Nothing Has Been Found At The UT Cancun Campus     

The university published a press release that addressed the students, and the public at large. In it, they mentioned that local authorities as well as civilian bomb experts along with a canine brigade have yet to find any suspicious artifacts. University authorities mentioned that search efforts are going to continue throughout the next couple of days. They listed the different government agencies that are on the scene conducting the search. 

Bomb Squad Members

If there is nothing found in the next couple of days the university hopes to be able to open its doors back up this Tuesday. The facilities though are set to remain closed over the weekend as search efforts continue. Monday is a holiday in Mexico therefore, the facilities would have remained closed anyway. This could actually benefit the investigation process. Giving local authorities more wiggle room to continue their search. Without pressure from the school board to reopen. 

Facilities Are Set To Remain Closed

Important Cancun Area Spots On High Alert Due To The Bomb Threat     

The university is located about three miles from the Cancun airport. With the bomb threat in the area police presence along the highway that leads to the airport has increased in the last few days. Even though the campus is only about a couple of miles from the Cancun Airport the threat did not affect operations or delay flights. The added security presence though, did have a negative effect on traffic in the area. 

The University Is On The Same Road As The Airport

If the search efforts continue to show that this was just an empty threat it could mean fewer police presence around that part of the highway. Something that travelers coming to Cancun over the weekend could certainly appreciate. For folks traveling out of the airport in the coming days the presence of more traffic just as they drive into the airport may be something to consider. To make sure that they make their flights on time. 


Thankfully no explosives have been found on the school campus. As mentioned though, search efforts are set to continue. With how close the university campus is to the airport it would be logical to think that the Cancun airport could potentially be evacuated if anything was found. The university is also located right across the highway from the Fairfield Inn by Marriot. There haven’t been reports that hotel guests were evacuated when the initial threats were made.

beach shot

The hotel is currently still taking bookings, and operating as usual. The same goes for the Comfort Inn hotel up the street. By all accounts this was just one bad joke played on the Dean of the University. The press release though urged the students and staff to remain vigilant.    

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