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Mexican President Declares Ancient Mayan Ruins In Tulum A New Protected Archeological Zone

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The Mexican Caribbean is a hotspot for discovering ancient Mayan ruins of all shapes and sizes, and archeologists are always discovering more sites. 

The highest Mayan Pyramid- Boca in the Tulum Archeological Area

One of the most recent Mayan ruins making the headlines is Cobá, in Tulum, which was recently declared an ‘Area of Archeological Monuments’ by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Here’s the latest on one of the most impressive Mayan ruins in the Mexican Caribbean:

Officials To Investment Heavily In Cobá Archeological Site As Visitor Numbers Soar

Situated in Tulum – one of the nationwide locations with the most Mayan ruins – Cobá is one of the best-preserved Mayan ritual sites dating back to 50 BC.

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Now, as travel numbers are projected to soar with the completion of the Maya train later this year, officials have announced a massive investment package to improve the quality of Cobá’s historical treasures.

The site, which houses an array of ancient structures, including pyramids, artifacts, and engravings, was recently declared a location of national history by Mexican President Andrés Lopez Obrador.

According to the presidential decree, the Cobá ruins have officially been declared a ‘Zone of Archeological Monuments’ (Zona de Monuments Arqueológicos), granting it a protected status and ensuring that it receives pertinent attention from cultural and historical authorities. 

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Tourists walking around the Maya Ruins in Tulum

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) already declared the ruins a nationally-valuable site in 2022, and Cobá was also included in the long list of ruins belonging to the Archeological Improvement Program which also targets locations like Tulum-Tankah. 

Authorities say that Cobá is one of the finest examples of Mayan architecture and culture, housing structures like the 130-step Nohoch Mul pyramid as well as churches and ball courts, each playing an essential role in Mayan culture and history. 

Mayan Pyramid Coba

Cobá also holds massive historical importance due to the wealth of engravings and other markings found across its walls and murals, which depict a range of historical events including conquests, rulers, and other noteworthy feats. 

Alongside Tulum’s archeological size, Cobá is considered one of the most important Mayan locations in the Mexican Caribbean, and officials are still uncovering more artifacts and other ruins.

The decision to declare Cobá an official archeological zone has significant effects on the area. For starters, businesses and other stakeholders operating in the area will be subject to strict conditions so as to preserve the ruin’s excellent condition. 

The archeological area of Tulum, Mexico

Travelers are also set to benefit massively from the decision, which obliges authorities to protect the historical ruins and to improve public awareness of its history and significance.

As a result, visitors can expect more investments in public transport options, tours, and signage.

Cobá Mayan Ruins: Practical Information For Travelers 

Being one of the most visited ruins in Yucatán, Cobá is definitely worth visiting to learn more about the ancient Mayan civilization. 

ancient mayan ruins

Situated in Tulum, Cobá is best visited with a rental car, in which case travelers will want to follow road 109 from Tulum, which leads to the ruins.

Travelers can also hop on a taxi from Tulum, with a one-way trip costing around $25 to $30. Travelers can also opt for a hassle-free tour, such as this $68 per person combined Cobá and Cenote tour from Tulum. 

Entrance to the massive archeological zone costs around $5 per person, although the far is subject to change as more visitors flock to the area. Regardless, it’s a great deal for one of the region’s oldest and best-preserved Mayan ruins.

Long line of the tourists at the entrance of Tulum

Travelers will definitely want to check out the massive Nohoch Mul pyramid, the tallest structure in the area, as well as various structures that depict traditional practices, including sacrificial rituals.

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