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Navy Cracking Down On Jetski Criminals In Cancun

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Typically the crimes that occur in and around Cancun don’t really affect tourists because the crimes usually stem from problems between rival criminal groups and drug dealers.  But there is one type of crime that specifically targets tourists who are vacationing in popular Mexican Caribbean vacation destinations like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Isla Mujeres.  That crime is dealing drugs, and to help deter and prevent these drug deals from happening, the Navy is cracking down on drug-dealing jet ski operators around Cancun. 

Three Jetskis with drivers in the turquoise blue Water in Cancun.

According to reports these jet ski drug dealers are a significant problem in certain Mexican Caribbean destinations, one of them being Isla Mujeres, which is a small island off of the coast of Cancun.  Due to the fact that there are tourists that buy drugs from these individuals they continue to patrol the waters around the island attempting to sell their drugs.  But the operation to crack down on these criminals is having a bit of success. 

Coast of Isla Mujeres with beautiful aqua blue water as far as the eye can see.

Already this year the Navy, under the operation carried out by Mario Martinez, head of the Port Captaincy, and officials of the Ninth Naval Region, has arrested a total of 15 jet ski drug dealers in and around Playa Norte alone.  Play Norte is the most popular beach in Isla Mujeres and a destination often visited by tourists vacationing in Cancun.  People go here for swimming in the beautiful turquoise waters, relaxing on the stunning white sand beach, and to participate in various water activities.   

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Military on the Beach in Cancun with tourists in the background and beach chairs with umbrellas.

As ideal as the setting is on Playa Norte, though, there is the problem of these drug dealers that, thankfully, is being dealt with.  The arrests have actually begun to deter some of these jet ski operators from attempting to enter the tourist area, but it hasn’t stopped the problem completely.  When caught, the individual’s jet ski is taken until they follow specific procedures to have them returned and commit to not repeating their crimes. 

View of Isla Mujeres and Cancun surrounded by turquoise blue waters and white sand beaches.

While in Isla Mujeres the issue seems to be being dealt with successfully, the problems persist in the nearby Costa Mujeres area.  Here fishermen have claimed, and it has been found to be true according to reports, that they are threatened by these criminals.  One local fisherman stated that “They think they own that area, they don’t allow us (them) to go fishing.”   

Navy boat in Mexican waters with rocks in the background.

For this reason, these fishermen have requested help in solving the problem but according to the Attorney General’s Office, it is an issue for the Navy.  Support from the land will be given to the Navy, but the raids on the water will be their responsibility.  Further raids to arrest these criminals are expected in the future, as the Attorney General’s Office did find evidence that what the fishermen are claiming is true. 

Navy boat in the water protect the coast.

Despite the issue of dealers trying to sell drugs to tourists, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean are perfectly safe to visit. In fact, because the area is so popular among tourists from the U.S., Canada, and Europe and millions of people visit every year, security is taken very seriously in the region.  Officers from the Navy and other armed forces regularly patrol the beaches and the Cancun Hotel Zone to help ensure the safety of tourists visiting.  

Cancun aerial photo of buildings and beaches with turquoise blue water.

As Cancun and the rest of the Mexican Caribbean continue to grow in popularity we will likely see more advancements in security like this.  Because when a vacation destination is as popular as this region is, improving security will only make it better and even more tourists will make the Mexican Caribbean their vacation destination in the future. 

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