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New State Of The Art Tourist Hospital Opens In Cancun Hotel Zone 

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There are a lot of great reasons for Cancun to have a good hospital in the busiest tourist section of the city.  Easy access to medical treatment for hospitality workers, relaxing the burden on other local hospitals in the area, and the ability to quickly respond to incidents requiring medical attention are just a few.  And that is exactly what residents and visitors in the city will have access to in the near future, as a new state-of-the-art tourist hospital prepares to open in the Cancun Hotel Zone. 

Cancun Ambulance parked on the street in Cancun.

The new Joya Cancun Hospital is centrally located on Kukulcan Blvd. in the Hotel Zone, allowing for easy access from either end of the busy tourist area.  The two-story hospital, in addition to being prepared to deal with medical emergencies, will also be equipped to handle patients seeking specialized care as well.  With 35 different medical specialists on board, treatments for all kinds of medical conditions will be available.  

Cancun Hotel Zone with a view of various resorts, beaches, and the Caribbean Sea at sunset.

The offering of so many medical specializations will also make the Joya Cancun Hospital a popular destination for medical tourism as well.  This is a growing trend in the Mexican Caribbean and in other parts of Mexico because medical care is often less expensive than it is in the United States.  The state-of-the-art facilities only make the hospital more attractive to tourists seeking certain medical procedures. 

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Lifeguard on a Cancun Beach standing barefoot in the sand and looking out at the Caribbean Sea.

There are many countries that are popular for medical tourism and many of them are even more popular than Mexico for this type of tourism.  But Mexico offers a number of benefits to American tourists seeking medical treatments, in addition to the lower cost.  These benefits may not be available when choosing another destination for medical tourism. 

Accident in Cancun with an ambulance in the background with a driver standing in front of the vehicle and two people talking on the street.

Some of those benefits include: 

  • The close proximity of Mexico to the states, with plenty of daily flights to popular destinations.  
  • Beautiful vacation destinations to spend time in before and after treatment.  
  • Easy entry into the country for U.S. citizens with the new immigration process.  
  • Automatic approval to stay in the country for up to 180 days, allowing plenty of time for treatment.  
  • Lower cost for travel due to the closer proximity and wide availability of travel options.  
  • Shorter wait times for medical procedures and in many cases no wait at all. 
Medical researcher testing some form of liquid while wearing gloves and a mask.

The cost difference for certain medical procedures differs considerably between the U.S. and Mexico, allowing Americans to save a significant amount of money on both necessary and optional treatments.  Some of the most popular types of treatments sought by American medical tourists include: 

  • Cardiac Surgery 
  • Orthopedic Surgery 
  • Cosmetic Surgery  
  • Dental Procedures  
  • Knee Replacement Surgery  
  • Eye Surgery  
  • Aesthetic Procedures 
  • Hip Replacement Surgery  
  • Orthopedic Surgeries  
Ambulance by port in the rain attending to an emergency on a cruise ship.

In some cases, the savings can add up to as much as 75 percent compared to what someone would have to pay for a procedure in the states.  For example, a hysterectomy would cost around $14,500 in the U.S. but only around $5,500 in Mexico, and open heart surgery would cost as much as $64,000 in the U.S. but only around $24,000 in Mexico.  The difference in cost could literally mean life or death for some people who wouldn’t be able to afford certain surgeries in the United States. 

Ambulance drivers preparing to deal with a medical emergency.

Both the Governor of Cancun, Mara Lezama, and the Mayor of the city, Ana Patricia Peralta, attended the inauguration of the new Joya Cancun Hospital.  Peralta commented that the hospital “will improve the medical offer” in Cancun, as it “represents the first hospital in the hotel zone.”  Grupo Médico Joya also has plans in the future to build hospitals in Tulum and Playa del Carmen, further establishing the Mexican Caribbean as a medical tourism hotspot.

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