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Officials To Launch Major Security Operation In Cancun Hotel Zone To Protect Travelers

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Even though Cancun is widely regarded as one of the safest destinations in Mexico for travelers, authorities regularly carry out enhanced safety operations to weed out criminal elements.

This week, Cancun’s tourism police agency announced a huge operation to target organized crime groups that may be operating within the city’s vastly popular resort district. 

mexican military officers on a beach in cancun

The move is part of a renewed effort to ensure that Cancun remains a safe and welcoming destination for travelers, a reputation the city has held for years despite occasional flare-ups in crime.

With the busy summer season just around the corner, here’s a look at what Cancun officials are doing to tackle crime this year.

police patroling a beach in playa del carmen

New Tourism Police Leader Pledges To Fight Crime In Cancun 

Cancun is more popular than ever, especially among American travelers who flock to the city in search of fun, beaches, top-notch hospitality, and safety. 

The crown jewel of the Mexican Caribbean is one of the most guarded cities in the country, with a contingent of hundreds – during peak travel times, thousands – of law enforcement officers patrolling busy streets and resort areas. 

Aerial View of the Cancun Hotel Zone, Nichupte Lagoon, and the Mexican Caribbean Sea

This week, the new head of Cancun’s tourism police unit, Ricardo Morales Santos, revealed a new action plan to target criminal elements operating within Cancun. 

According to Mr Santos, law enforcement units in Cancun are currently planning a comprehensive security operation to locate criminals and prevent them from tarnishing the city’s excellent safety record. 

Law enforcement sources suggest the new operation will primarily target street vendors selling illegal substances to travelers on beaches & in popular touristy areas. 

police officers walking on public beach in cancun

Although Cancun has already stepped up efforts to remove fake street vendors from city streets, criminals are resorting to new tactics to disguise themselves as real sellers. 

Officials will collaborate with reinforcements from Mexico’s Navy and the country’s National Guard, a paramilitary unit established to fight organized crime. 

Although no timeline has been announced regarding the duration of the huge undertaking, it is likely to take place before the start of the busy summer season. 

a cancun beach with large amounts of sargassum

Cancun is currently toward the end of the shoulder season, with occupancy rates hovering at around 70%. From mid-June onward, more travelers will begin pouring into the city. 

Authorities Launch New Police Stations To Eliminate Crime From Downtown Cancun 

While most largescale law enforcement operations see hundreds of officers deployed across Cancun’s resort zone, officials are also increasingly paying attention to downtown Cancun. 

Situated further from the relative safety of the guarded Resort Zone, downtown Cancun experiences much higher crime rates due to higher rates of poverty and inequality. 

a law enforcement officer patroling in cancun

But this year, officials announced the building up of up to five new police stations distributed across downtown Cancun with the aim of fighting crime and making the area safer for travelers.

Home to many unique attractions, such as the bustling Mercado 28 indoor market, downtown Cancun is a must-see for those seeking authentic culture and food.

Despite concerns over crime, downtown Cancun is generally safe for travelers, although visitors should remain vigilant at all times and avoid exploring the area during the night. 

a helicopter patroling the skies in cancun

New ride-hailing apps like Ola Taxi and the already-established Uber provide a safe and comfortable means to reach downtown Cancun.

The city recently invested millions into bolstering its network of public transit options, with bus routes now connecting downtown Cancun with the resort area.

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