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Over 700 Thousand International Tourists Visited Cancun In January

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In spite of growing travel restrictions amidst the global pandemic, tourism in Cancun continues to thrive. A recent traffic report from Grupo Aeroportuario el Sureste (Asur) reports that the Cancun airport served nearly 712 thousand passengers in the month of January. 

The early months of the year generally represent a spike in vacation travel, as tourists up in northern regions take a getaway to warmer, sunny climates. 

Despite the emergence of COVID-19 and recent travel restrictions, particularly those relating to testing requirements for Canadians and Americans, the holiday trends firmly continue. 

happy tourist Cancun beach

The travel restrictions did, however, hamper travel demand to the region to some degree. Asur reported Cancun having received 769 thousand travelers in December, marking a decrease of nearly 60 thousand arrivals in January. 

Nevertheless, the volume in traffic which Cancun continues to receive is one to be pleasantly optimistic about, especially as many other tourist destinations would be ecstatic to receive the number of tourists Cancun is. 

tourists arriving in Cancun 5th Avenue on Playa del Carmen

In addition, Cancun has persisted to recover from travel disturbances during the onset of the global pandemic, and is on a steady road to recovery. 

For perspective, in April 2020, Cancun received a historical low of seven thousand foreigners. The region has rebounded exceptionally well since then, and is expected to deliver a strong performance in 2021.

Smiling caucasian tourist wearing sombrero in streets of Cancun

Accordingly, Asur anticipates that they will register a significant recovery in results as passenger demand increases. Asur further indicates that relaxing of restrictions will further streamline the time needed to make a full recovery. 

In this regard, the Mexican Government has also called on to foreign leaders to relax restrictions to prevent lingering economic consequences. 

tourists arriving in Playa Del Carmen Cancun

In a joint statement between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Government of Mexico called on Canada to withdraw current restrictions, stating:  

“The government of Mexico vows that the most recent measure announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can be withdrawn as soon as possible in order to prevent a deep economic crisis in the North American region.”

Canada has recently imposed the requirement of a negative COVID-19 test result for all incoming international arrivals by air, and has also forced national carriers to suspend operations of flights to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. 

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