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Playa del Carmen Taxi Prices May Go Up In 2022 As Union Plans Rate Hike

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Locals and Visitors Frustrated By Potential New Price Hikes, and Temporary Winter Rises in Cancun

The Playa del Carmen taxi drivers’ union has announced that they are applying for a rise in prices for 2022.

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The figures for the new rates have not been announced, as negotiations are ongoing, but the news has not been welcomed by locals or tourists.

According to the union, named Lázaro Cárdenas del Río, the hikes will be in response to the high rates of inflation seen over the past few years. They claim the rates have not gone up in four years, and rising gas prices combined with other financial factors have made the request unavoidable.

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Many of the locals voiced their frustration at the potential increase, tacking it on to the increasing cost of living in the area. Although many admitted that public options are their main mode of transport if not using their own vehicle. The department of mobility announced that the price of public transport would most likely not be increased in the area, easing some of the trepidation.

Meanwhile, the greater Quintana Roo region could also be facing a similar hike. Although nothing is set in stone, the state’s Taxi union president suggested that he would also be applying for a general rise in fares. This was back in October however, and no other comments have been made. Jorge Pérez, the director of the institute of mobility proposed that a possible hike could be in the range of 3 to 6 pesos.

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In a different stance, Cancun taxi drivers did not increase their fares for general rides throughout the city in December. The Cancun Taxi drivers union claimed they were increasing their workforce in response to the drastic uptick in demand, but that prices would not be reflective of this.

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Speaking to Por Esto, Luis Mis, of the Cancun Taxi Driver’s association said “There is no reason for an increase in rates. The costs are the same throughout the year. Obviously, there will be more demand, but we are looking into how to meet it.”

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This was in stark contrast to the airport based taxis in Cancun. In some instances over the Christmas  period, some private taxis and companies raised some of their rates as much as 500 pesos. The drastic increase was a frustration to many of the arrivals to the airport, who were not anticipating the increase.

According to some of the taxi drivers, preferential rates were offered to passengers who committed to round trips, and would be picked up again on their return to the airport.

The taxi prices for one provider from the airport range from 700 to 1500 pesos depending on the location, distance, and number of passengers being transported in the vehicle. A minimum of 300 pesos per passenger was required in this instance.

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Both tourists and nationals alike were paying the inflated rates, which was particular shocking for some locals returning from other areas in Mexico.

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As Mexico, and in particular Cancun, are enjoying a massive intake of tourists, it is hoped that taxi scams will fall to help increases the reputation of the region. As with most tourist destinations, it is not uncommon for taxi drivers to request extreme rates for unwitting tourists arriving at their destination.  

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