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Playa Del Carmen’s Famous 5th Avenue Renovated To Draw Tourists And Improve Security

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Playa del Carmen, which is a little over an hour away from Cancun, is a very popular Mexican Caribbean vacation destination visited by thousands of tourists every year. It has beautiful white sand beaches that are frequented by tourists, but many visitors to the city also spend some time on the well-known 5th Avenue. Now, Playa del Carmen’s famous 5th Avenue is being renovated to draw even more tourists and to improve security.

5th Avenue Playa del Carmen, with people walking up and down the street past restaurants and shops.

Multiple steps have been taken to beautify 5th Avenue, including the addition of nearly 800 different plant species placed throughout the area and new benches that will be installed along the avenue. More important, though, is the relocation of vendors up and down the street. And finally, to address security, 140 cameras have been installed in various places to deter and help solve crimes.

Playa del Carmen Statue with performers and tourists standing in front and the beach in the background.

You can find tourists walking up and down the 20-plus blocks of 5th Avenue pretty much any time of the day. It is filled with restaurants, shops, and bars, and you can find everything from high-end retailers to stores selling authentic Mexican goods. There is even a small Mayan ruin located along the nearly five-mile stretch between 12th and 14th streets, and many other hidden gems.

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Shops on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen with people walking down the street.

5th Avenue and 12th Street

The intersection where these two streets meet marks the beginning of the nightlife hotspot in Playa del Carmen. Walking in either direction on 12th street, you’ll find numerous bars and clubs. Some, like Coco Bongo, are especially famous among many past Playa del Carmen visitors. Other popular hotspots you might want to check out include Abolengo, Mandala, and La Vaquita.

Bars on 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen with people sitting at tables having a good time.

Unique Shopping

As mentioned above, there are all kinds of stores and shops along 5th Avenue and shopping is one of the most popular tourist activities on the busy street. For finding the best authentic Mexican handmade goods as well as other unique items, a visit to Rosalia, which is located between 12th and 14th streets near the Mayan ruins, and Sol Jaguar, is a must. There is also a store perfect for lovers of all things tequila, aptly named Hacienda Tequila, where you’ll find hundreds of different types of tequila and other tequila-related items.

Playa del Carmen shopping with people everywhere and advertisements for nightclubs.

Parque Fundadores

Parque Fundadores is an attraction in and of itself, with plenty to keep you occupied for a while. Sure it has traditional park elements like an area for kids to play, but you’ll also find live entertainment at this seaside park too. Flying acrobatic performers, called Papantla performers, can be found performing their routine, and Mayan dancers can be seen performing in various areas of the park.

Tourists entering Parque Fundadores in Playa del Carmen with a view of the beach in the background.

Mexican Food

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to get to know a culture better is through the food that they eat, so you can’t leave without trying some authentic Mexican food. Fortunately, you’ll have many options along 5th Avenue and even more on some of the side streets not far from the famous street. Los Hijos de la Tostada, popular among not only tourists but locals as well, Aldea Corazon, which features its own Mayan ruin and cenote for decor, and Axiote, which offers great Mexican fusion dishes, are all great places to try.

Server serving customers at a Mexican Restaurant on Playa del Carmen's famous 5th avenue.

Playa del Carmen’s 5th Avenue has been a popular spot in the tourist destination for a while. Now, the upgrades being made to the area will not only make it a safer place for tourists to visit, particularly in the nightlife area but a more enjoyable one as well.

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Friday 30th of December 2022

Will thug’s still stand around yelling and harassing tourists? I walked around in 2015 and men stood around screaming at us and harassed us the entire time. Pathetic that the country does nothing to stop it


Tuesday 27th of December 2022

When is the renovation set to begin and end?


Sunday 25th of December 2022

Love playa . Don’t look for trouble and you won’t find any trouble . Always a great time.

Dan Cady

Saturday 24th of December 2022

Playa is full of thieves and drug sellers

Sunshine Sandy

Tuesday 27th of December 2022

@Dan Cady, Been going there for years now. Totally safe, just have to precautions and that's anywhere you go even at home!


Monday 26th of December 2022

@Dan Cady, yeah cause there are none in your town right.


Sunday 25th of December 2022

@Dan Cady, been going for twenty years and seen a lot of changes throughout that time. But it's bot overrun with thieves and drug dealers. If anything I feel safer there then in most places I travel and safer then in downtown Chicago or Memphis


Friday 23rd of December 2022

This is the same place Shanquella was killed and you Playa del carma, the doctors and mexico officials helped cover it up and let the murderers flee back to the US. I'm not going anywhere near this place. This was just a month or 2 ago. Smh

Sunshine S.

Tuesday 27th of December 2022

@Lisa, Different side of Mexico hon.

Dan Cady

Saturday 24th of December 2022

@Tyler Fox, the same

Tyler Fox

Saturday 24th of December 2022

The incident you are referencing, while tragic, occurred in San Jose del Cabo — not Playa del Carmen.