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Sharp Increase In Cancun Hotel Bookings Suggests Busy Winter Season To Come

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A number of positive changes in Quintana Roo over the last few weeks have prompted a sharp increase in the number of bookings in Cancun hotels. Due to this, travel experts are predicting a bumper winter season in popular Mexican Caribbean resorts such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel.

Hotel bookings in Cancun for the first two months of 2022 are already showing 45% occupancy levels in many resorts, which is extremely encouraging for both hotels and the tourist trade. It’s also positive for tourists themselves, who can look forward to a vacation that looks more like it did pre-pandemic.

Roberto Cintrón Gómez, president of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos, and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association, predicts that, as long as Quintana Roo remains at a green low-risk level, many hotels can expect to see 100% capacity over the winter season. This sounds likely, as there has been a recent 35% increase in tourists from the United States, plus an influx of Canadians who are now able to travel to Mexico.

Why have hotel bookings increased?

There are a number of reasons why hotel bookings have seen a spike in recent days and weeks:

●     Reopening of international flight routes to Cancun

A number of international flight routes are restarting or starting for the first time, including many from Europe and the UK, Russia, and Brazil. This will once again allow tourists from these countries to travel to the Mexican Caribbean, a place they have not been able to reach for many months.

●     Quintana Roo moving to a green, low-risk designation

The was a move to a low-risk designation – otherwise known as green on the epidemiological scale – across the whole of Quintana Roo from 1 November. This will bring with it a renewed confidence that the worst of the pandemic is over, and that traveling can once again become a reality for many.

Caribbean tourism recovery

Worldwide, many favorite tourist destinations will see a huge increase in visitor levels this coming year. But the Caribbean is currently leading the way in the recovery of its tourist trade.

Mexico saw relatively high numbers of tourists throughout the pandemic due to its lack of entry requirements for visitors. However, other countries had inflicted their own travel restrictions on residents, meaning many people weren’t permitted to travel to Cancun and the Quintana Roo region.

This year, Mexico has already seen an almost 50% increase in its tourism-created GDP. And now that many countries are easing their restrictions, Mexico will continue to benefit from its restriction-free entry, as people become more confident to travel once again and look to tropical climes to make up for lost vacation time.

What will a Cancun vacation be like this winter?

Tourists planning on visiting Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, or other Mexican Caribbean destinations can look forward to a jubilant atmosphere over the winter high season. For many of those who haven’t been on a vacation since before the pandemic, this will be viewed as an escape from the drudgery of pandemic restrictions – at least partially.

On a practical level, here are some of the things you may expect if you’re visiting Quintana Roo this winter:

  • Hotels to be running at a higher capacity, and are likely to be full, or as full as they’re permitted to be while following ongoing restrictions.
  • There will be more competition for rooms, which may push up prices – so book early, if possible.
  • Venues that have been unable to open due to low capacity levels may begin to reopen, meaning more entertainment options for visitors.
  • You should be able to enjoy a high-spirited and lively atmosphere – and isn’t that exactly what you want from Cancun?

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