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Should Travelers Worry About Hurricanes In Cancun This Summer?

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Hurricanes and tropical storms are one of the scariest weather phenomena in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean, with several powerful storms battering the region every year.

Cancun about to get Storm weather

Fortunately, severe tropical storms are rather rare, with Hurricane Gilbert being the last major hurricane to strike the tropical city of Cancun. In this article, we’ll go over whether you should be concerned about hurricanes on your next Cancun getaway.

Fewer Hurricanes Forecast To Hit Cancun This Season

Although the Atlantic hurricane season won’t begin until early June, several long-term forecasts have recently been published which give an indication as to how many storms could make landfall in the area this year.

Destroyed house after Hurricane in Cancun

According to the latest estimates, 16 hurricanes could affect Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean this year, with most storms forecast to be mild or moderate in intensity. 

That said, experts say there’s the potential for at least a few powerful tropical storms to turn into hurricanes, some of which may make landfall in Cancun, potentially causing widespread damage. 

Officials are currently estimating that between one to three low-category hurricanes and two to four strong hurricanes could make landfall in Cancun this year, although the numbers aren’t set in stone.

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army help with hurricanes in cancun

Authorities across the Mexican Caribbean are gearing up for another tropical storm season and are devising several strategies to protect residents and visitors. 

Meteorologists, government experts, and civil protection officials recently convened at the 2023 National Meeting for Tropical Cyclones, where they discussed forecast models for this year’s hurricane season. They concluded that while the season is projected to be active, tropical storms will generally be weaker than in previous years. 

Meteorologists say the lessened strength of this year’s hurricane season can be largely attributed to the El Nino weather phenomenon, which prevents stronger storms from forming over the Atlantic Ocean.

View of the Watchtower in Tulum during bad weather

Overall, experts say between 10 to 16 tropical storms and hurricanes could impact Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean this summer, causing heavy rain, flooding, wind, and lightning. Statistically speaking, the Mexican Caribbean state of Quintana Roo is the third likeliest to be hit by powerful tropical storms due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean as well as other geographical features. 

Fortunately, Cancun is one of the best-prepared cities when it comes to hurricanes. Resorts and hotels are legally obliged to have an action plan in case authorities activate a hurricane warning, and most large properties have shelters and other protection measures in place to keep guests safe. 

hurricane weather in cancun

The 2022 hurricane season was largely uneventful, with just several hurricanes making landfall in Cancun. No significant damage was reported, although localized flooding occurred when Hurricane Ian caused heavy waves and moderate rainfall. 

Follow These Hurricane Tips On Your Next Caribbean Trip

Anyone traveling to Cancun during the hurricane season should purchase comprehensive travel insurance and cancellation insurance. Should push come to shove, travelers can simply delay or cancel their trip without having to pay a fortune. 

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Travelers are advised to keep an eye on the forecast and to closely follow instructions given by authorities. Websites like Accuweather are a great resource for weather warnings. 

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean rely on a color-coded warning system to notify travelers and residents about weather conditions. If a hurricane is approaching, stay indoors and avoid spending time near large bodies of water. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with your resort’s evacuation plans and other storm protocols.

Cancun Resorts about to get hit by the Hurricane

Heavy rain, wind, and large waves can be a hazard for travelers during the summer, so it’s best to avoid Cancun’s beautiful beaches during bad weather and to plan for alternative activities should inclement conditions affect your next vacation.

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Ronald Campbell

Saturday 6th of May 2023

We were stuck in hurricane Hugo not a pretty trip, no food , no air conditioning, back then it was awful!