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Stunning Sunrise Spots In The Mexican Caribbean

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Catching the first rays of a new day, in a far away tropical paradise is absolutely something worth getting out of bed early for (or staying up just a little longer for – wink, wink). As the sun rises it feels almost as if time stops and its just you, the sun and the gently crashing waves.

Regardless who you are, a good sunrise will typically trigger that part inside you that invites you to breathe a little deeper and a little slower. Here are 5 fabulous spots to catch the sunrise while you’re on your Mexican Caribbean vacation. Don’t worry about how early the sunrises, you can have a pool or beach nap later – you’ll be on vacation remember?

Isla Mujeres

Ahh – the first place in Mexico that the sun touches in the morning is Isla Mujeres. This small, sleepy in incredibly stunning little island off the coast of Cancun is an absolute dream all around. The view from the southern part of the island overlooking the Caribbean sea is impressive and it won’t disappoint. Check out one of these charming places to stay on the island, set your alarm early and prepare to be amazed.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of those places that no matter what beach you stumble to in the morning, you’re going to get a spectacular view of the sunrise. Pick your favorite spot, relax and enjoy the show the sun is about to put on for you! After that, perhaps grab some breakfast and check out these local hidden gems.

When you picture a day in Playa del Carmen, most often one thinks about relaxing on the dreamy white sand beaches, swimming in the glistening turquoise waters and soaking up the laid back bohemian vibes. On the surface Playa del Carmen might just look like a really nice beach and some tourist attractions - but there are some hidden gems beyond the surface. Here are 6 places to go that are a little off the typical beaten path.

Isla Blanca

If you want to enjoy the radiating beauty of sunup from this spot, it’s going to require a little extra preparation and a little extra adventure. In other words – you will require a vehicle to get here and you’re going to want to camp out over night! This beach is known to be more popular for locals and less popular for tourists. Here, you will have more privacy and an unobscured view of the sun and sea.
*Note: Some would say this is even an awesome spot to propose!

Nichupté Lagoon

Incredible for both sunrise and sunset, the Nichupté lagoon is located between downtown Cancun and the hotel zone – making it very accessible for tourists. Enjoy the way the sun rises between the plethora of hotels and buildings or, if the weather permits, rent a kayak/paddle board and take it all in from on the water.

sunset Nichupté Lagoon

Tulum Mayan Ruins

You might be thinking – but they don’t open to the public until 9:00am, how is one supposed to take advantage of the private beach and epic location to soak up the sunrise here? Let me tell you! Go to the ruins the day before and request the special after hours tickets for tomorrow, not regular tickets for today. That way, you can access the ruins as early as 6:00am – right in time for sunrise. Not only is this a wicked place to be for sun up, but its also an awesome way to beat the crowds and explore the ruins with the little extra magic of the dawn of a new day.

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