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These Are The Top 2 Tourist Complaints In Cancun Right Now 

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Cancun is about to head into spring break after completing an extremely successful winter season.

The endless number of tourists cements the fact that the Mexican Caribbean is a popular place for vacation. 

However, a survey completed by the firm Marketing Consultants revealed that tourist complaints have risen in Cancun specifically, and we want to find out why…

View of beach in Cancun

Starting The New Year Off

This is not exactly the best news for the Mexican Caribbean, which is doing everything in its power to remain the go-to destination for travelers, most especially Americans when picking a vacation destination. 

Though Cancun and the surrounding areas offer some truly magical sights, as well as stunning resort options and increased security during peak tourist times, issues of theft and poor travel options are causing more complaints than usual; a red flag for officials wanting to maintain Cancun’s reputation. 

busy tourist street with restaurants in Cancun

Cancun’s Top Tourist Complaints

In the first month of the year, a total of 3,500 thefts took place, with petty crime still seemingly the number one issue in the area. 

Of course, other crimes and threats exist wherever you choose to travel. Still, with Cancun’s security system, which is being constantly invested in, major crimes involving tourists tend not to happen.

Of the 3,500 thefts, 18 percent of people filed a complaint to the police regarding the issue, while many tourists just accepted defeat and left Cancun feeling angry that someone stole from them. 

taxi driving toward Playa Del Carmen

The other main complaint is in relation to the poor transport services in and around the city. 

With an ongoing feud between taxi drivers and Uber drivers potentially mellowing out, complaints are still being raised due to the high service charges.

19 percent of people have formally complained that the prices for using the service match those of New York and Paris, yet the taxi drivers do not have the same car conditions and decorum. 

Last summer, videos began to circulate on the internet of taxi and Uber drivers having physical fights in the street over territory and customer poaching, sometimes even stopping the car with visitors inside!

Taxis Parked Under Trees on a Road in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Tips That Will Prevent The Complaints 

The best way to prevent petty crime from happening is by being aware of your surroundings and not looking like an easy target. 

Though obvious for some, don’t leave the hotel with flashy jewelry, valuables, or lots of cash. 

If you are wearing a bag, make sure you have contact with it at all times, and don’t leave it down in any coffee shop or bar.


In terms of transport services, Uber and taxi drivers have entered tentative agreements to better collaborate, hopefully decreasing the tension between the two parties. 

Uber usually works out to be cheaper, and it has a help section on its app if you ever need to make a complaint about your trip. 

If you are traveling further afield, you might want to check out using the Maya Train, which stops off at some major tourist hotspots like Valladolid and Merida, and the ever-popular Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins, getting you there for a fraction of the price. 


Cancun Still Projects Strong Year Ahead 

Though big issues for some, in the grand scheme of things, Cancun is still a pretty fantastic place to be. 

Yes, complaints can sometimes paint a bad picture, but that certainly isn’t stopping most people, as projections of the World Tourism Organisation(WTO) suggest, which expects to see global tourism activity exceed pre-pandemic levels this year.

aerial view of pier in cancun with boat and sargassum

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean continue to shatter all records and expectations because it truly has everything you could ever want from a vacation. 

The convenience of the flight journey from America, the endless luxury resort options, the incredible beaches, the ancient historical sites, the environmental parks, the cenotes…our list could go on all day. 

Even with the US election year, the WTO is projecting that tourism from the U.S. is only going to grow, most especially when they’re only a 3-hour flight away!

aerial view of Cancun Hotel Zone

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Friday 8th of March 2024

Where is the boardwalk in the first picture? I don't recall seeing anything like that in Cancun.

Tyler Fox

Friday 8th of March 2024

It is the boardwalk at La Isla Mall