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This Charming Town Near Merida Is One Of Mexico’s Newest Magical Towns

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Tekax, a small colonial town nestled in southern Yucatan, has recently gained recognition by earning a spot on the prestigious ‘magical town’ list.

While Texak has been a relatively unknown destination for travelers in the past, it’s currently emerging as one of Yucatan’s primary ecotourism locations. 

Yucatan street

Not only does Tekax boast unparalleled natural wonders but also historical landmarks, archaeological sites, and the chance to immerse oneself in Mayan culture.

Moreover, the recent designation as a magical town is expected to propel Tekax’s tourism sector to new heights. 

Mayor Diego Ávila predicts that this recognition will attract significant investments, leading to enhanced infrastructure and an array of offerings for travelers.

With that in mind, let’s explore the natural, cultural, and historical wonders of Tekax and why it’s a must-visit destination for adventure and cultural travelers.

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Unique Natural Wonders

First of all, let’s rip the band-aid off – you won’t find beautiful cenotes or turquoise beaches in Tekax. 

However, the town is home to one of Yucatan’s most awe-inspiring and unique natural wonders – the Gruta Chocantes cavern. 

Just 10 minutes away from downtown Tekax, this stunning cavern showcases an enchanting display of natural crystal formations that will leave you spellbound.

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Cavern in Yucatan

Needless to say, the 3,500-meter-long cavern is not precisely a haven for people with claustrophobia or cardiovascular issues. But for adventurous travelers with a good amount of stamina, exploring the Gruta Chocantes cavern promises an experience like none other. 

Of course, knowledgeable tour guides will accompany you, ensuring your safety throughout the journey. That said, it’s advisable to bring sports clothing and non-slip shoes for a comfortable and secure adventure.

As you venture deeper into the cavern, you’ll be greeted by cascades of mineral formations resembling pristine white snow. 

Woman at cavern

Marvel at the unique karst formations that are found only in this part of Mexico and discover traces of ancient Mayan culture, including clay benches and remnants of pottery.

Above ground, prepare for an exhilarating rush as you soar along a zip line, ensuring your safety with a helmet and harness.

Captivating Historical Landmarks

Featuring a collection of unique colonial and Mayan edifices, Tekax offers travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating exploration of Yucatan’s history.

The centerpiece is the San Juan Bautista parish, dating back to the 17th century and second in size only to the Cathedral of Mérida. 

Constructed using stones from Mayan pyramids, the church proudly displays the coats of arms of the Franciscan order and the town’s founding families. 

Don’t miss a visit to the imposing Palacio Municipal, the largest municipal palace in the state, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the town from the upper level. 

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And be sure to climb the 80 steps to reach the Ermita of San Diego, a hermitage perched atop a hill just a few meters from the town center. The breathtaking view and the story of this beloved saint will leave a lasting impression.

For a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the ancient Mayans, the nearby Chacmultun archeological zone is a must-visit. 

Renowned for their Puuc-style architecture, these masterfully crafted edifices stand as a testament to the Mayans’ architectural prowess. Unlike many other archeological sites, visitors are allowed to climb some of the structures, take pictures, and admire the lush surroundings.


Unparalleled Cultural Immersion

The best way to experience Tekax’s rich cultural heritage is by visiting its local communities. Take a journey back in time as you explore their way of life, stories, customs, and beliefs, making these excursions truly unique experiences.

At the San Marcelino community, located just outside the town, you can embark on a one-kilometer hiking trail to discover fascinating aspects of Mayan culture, such as natural pool formations called Chultun and a small cave used for offering rituals to the gods.

mexican hacienda

Upon returning to the community, savor a typical regional dish accompanied by handcrafted tortillas and fresh juice.

To learn more about Tekax’s deep history, visit the town’s former haciendas, once thriving in industries like honey, cotton, and primarily sugar production. 

Step into the past at Hacienda Santa María, where the well-preserved original structure allows visitors to envision the daily lives of its inhabitants and offers captivating glimpses into Tekax’s prosperous past.

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