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Tourists Arrival Is Still Accelerating In Cancun Despite Fifth Wave Of Covid

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All recent numbers seem to indicate that Mexico is experiencing the 5th wave of COVID-19. On May 11th, the seven-day moving average of cases in the country was around 727. A little more than one and a half months later, this number skyrocketed to 12,589. It is already very close to the mark of the second-largest covid wave, August 2021, which peaked at 18,801.

Measuring temperature of tourists arrival

Things are looking very different from what it was a few years ago, as the time of lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, and a myriad of restrictions that made travel pretty much impossible and a dream to be postponed indefinitely at the very least, now the rollout of vaccines and less deadly variants has made the industry welcome a sudden boom that few could have predicted would have happened so soon and so strongly.

As numbers don’t lie, the 5th wave is already a reality. But fortunately, that doesn’t seem to be that worrying in terms of health and economic collapses anymore. The world is much more prepared, and no restrictions are expected to come into force. Cancun officials have already declared that there are no plans to return any mandatory policies.

Employees cleaning up with covid suits

Despite all these cases and the scenario, tourism is booming significantly. Many are flocking to the beaches, and this summer is expected to be remarkably hectic. In fact, even before it started, the hotel occupancy rate was already 82% around the Cancun Area.

Tourist Transit in Cancun Airport

Americans seem to be very much attracted to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is one of their most wanted destinations this summer. This last Sunday, on the 26th of June, The Cancun International Airport saw 563 operations, indicating that the region is back on track for tourists and things are indeed starting to reach pre-pandemic levels.

beach in quintana roo

Although cases are rising, there are currently no mask mandates prevailing. Quintana Roo’s governor dropped the order in May and has no plans to return it. Cases at the time were at their all-time low, and many of the world’s governments fell their enforcements regarding covid-19. As a consequent result, cases are rising in some parts of the world, but at a much lower rate and intensity as observed as recent as January 2022 with the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Two woman with mask

Quintana Roo sees an uptick in covid cases, and local authorities are worried about it, especially with the enormous number of tourists constantly arriving. The state governor, Carlos Manuel Joaquín González, urged tourists and locals to use masks once again to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and prevent a potentially large wave, which could interrupt travel requirements and complicate the situation for the state, which relies heavily on tourism revenue.

zona hotelera in cancun

It is still a controlled situation. Vaccination rates in Mexico are around 62%, which is the same percentage as the global average. It makes travel more manageable and less worrying for many, from travelers to tourism-related employers and locals. Many are starting to feel confident enough to travel once again, especially abroad, which requires more time in a closed space and still has some possible mandates towards covid and anything related.

Tourist And Employee In Mask In Airport

The pandemic situation is better, especially for traveling. Things are controllable, governments are lifting restrictions, travel is booming again, and fortunately, death rates are meager. Cancun is one of the worldwide hotsposts for tourism, and it’s one of the most searched and wanted destinations for vacations. That’s why Cancun is booming; its sandy blue beaches are extremely inviting for everyone. But all that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. It’s essential to be responsible for your benefit and the others, as this 5th wave can be avoided if basic and easy precaution is taken on individual levels.

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