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Tourists At This Popular Cancun Resort Left Without Transport After Taxi Blockade 

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The battle between taxi drivers and Uber drivers has been ongoing for several months now and is well documented and reported on.   

But now it isn’t just Uber drivers that certain taxi unions are targeting, but other transportation companies too. The continuing battle over transportation rights doesn’t directly affect tourists very often, though, until it does.   

This was the case recently when tourists at a popular Cancun resort were left without transportation after a taxi blockade took place.   

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The Blockade 

The incident, which involved the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Diver’s Union, happened at a Hilton hotel located outside of the Hotel Zone.   

Drivers from the union reportedly blocked the Quintana Roo Luxury Tourism Carriers Union and other transport services from entering or exiting the hotel property.   

The blockade went on for roughly an hour and left tourists without transportation during that time. 

How Tourists Are Affected 

In addition to impeding the transport of tourists during the hour-long blockade, incidents like these give tourists a bad image of Cancun.   

Rightfully so, surely the incident even caused some level of fear among tourists as well.   

And although the blockade was short-lived, it still likely left some tourists stranded and with the insecurity that when it comes time to fly home, something similar could happen.   

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Past Incidents Involving Taxi Drivers 

This isn’t the first incident involving taxi drivers in Cancun.   

In fact, the increase in incidents led the U.S. State Department to issue a warning earlier in the year to American citizens visiting Cancun after taxis blocked airport access, and there were reports of them threatening Uber drivers.   

In one incident, a taxi driver even smashed the window of an Uber with tourists in the vehicle. 

The Transportation Problem In Cancun  

The animosity towards Uber drivers started when it was announced that Uber could begin operating in Cancun.   

Taxi drivers felt that this was unfair due to a difference in licensing requirements for the two different groups of transport drivers.   

The aggression toward other transportation services likely also has to do with competition, something some Cancun taxi drivers seem to take very seriously.   

@thriveinmexico They dont want a natural free market. Let the consumer decide. They want to continue their monopoly so they can exploit everyone. #cancuntaxis #travelmexico #cancun ♬ original sound Thrive In Mexico

How The Issue Is Being Dealt With 

In March, after the height of the battle started to wind down, officials announced one way to deal with the situation.   

Taxi drivers who were guilty of attacking Uber drivers would have their taxi operator’s license taken away.   

Furthermore, 60 or more taxi drivers were required to undergo training earlier in the year due to many passenger complaints. 

@livvvraeee I tried to get a taxi but they “weren’t going that way” so waited and waited at the hotel and finally called Uber…. (Sorry to my Uber driver who is still stuck in the mess)…. There was a pilot stuck who was supposed to be flying to San Francisco too, he’s probably still stuck as well.. #uber #taximafia #taxi #mexico #travel #vacation #boycotttaxisinmexico #cancun #missedflights #hotday #notcool ♬ original sound – Liv

What Tourists Should Do In A Similar Situation 

There is very little you can do if faced with a similar situation other than walking outside of the hotel property and booking transportation down the road.   

First and foremost, though, you should aim to remove yourself from the situation.   

While no tourists have been injured throughout this ongoing battle, you’re better off safe than sorry.   

@latinus_us Presunto taxista intenta detener viaje de Uber de dos extranjeros y bajarlos del auto en Cancún. #Latinus #InformaciónParaTi ♬ sonido original – Latinus

Is Transportation Safe In Cancun? 

Transportation in Cancun, despite the battle between the different transportation companies, is still just as safe as it always has been.   

Thousands of people use taxis, Uber, and private transportation services in Cancun every week, and no tourists have been harmed throughout this long, ongoing battle.   

Your best bet is to book transportation in advance, and plan to leave for the airport early, just in case an incident involving taxi drivers delays your trip. 

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Dr Don Roberts

Monday 12th of June 2023

This will get worse until the government takes on the Taxi cartels. They must be fined (at least) and lose their taxi licenses immediately and permanently if they obstruct traffic or harass lawful transportation in any way. It is their massive overcharging that brings in the competition.