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Two Major Fires In Mexican Caribbean: Dolphin Discovery And Restaurant In Playa del Carmen

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It was sadly a busy weekend in the area for the local fire departments. Two tourists attractions that were coincidently built in a very similar fashion burned down over the weekend. Even though local fire brigades arrived on the scene rather quickly in both instances, the type of roof made from dried palm tree leaves consumes too quickly. At this point in time authorities have not revealed what the cause of these fires may have been. Although, there are some theories as to how things went down. Particularly, in the case of the restaurant in Playa del Carmen.    

Large Isla Mujeres Fire Destroys Multiple Businesses

Dolphin Discovery In Isla Mujeres Will Remain Closed Until Further Notice

Dolphin Discovery is one of the most visited tourists attractions in Isla Mujeres. The complex houses a large number of dolphins, as well as manatees, and sea lions. The most popular attraction in the park is naturally the chance to swim with dolphins. Although, they’ve built a facility that offers dining, and other entertainment options on site. 

Aquarium Entrance

About noon Sunday the first reports came in about a fire within Dolphin Discovery. Local firefighters, and police officers arrived on the scene. From the images that have been made public of the incident many of the “palapa” roofs that the complex featured completely burned down. The inside of the dolphinarium was filled with smoke, and the fire could be seen from miles away. Which, prompted tourists and locals who were not necessarily near the area to catch a glimpse of the unfortunate situation. 

Palapa Roofs

Preliminary reports indicate that no one was hurt in the incident. Although, medical first responders did claim that three people were treated on site. These 3 people experienced a form of traumatic shock from witnessing the incident. They did not however present burns or other types of physical injuries. As far as the animals that live at the park, there have been no reports on their safety. By most accounts, though, the damage on the inside of the facility was minimal. 

Dolphins In Isla Mujeres

Local authorities have given updates via their social media accounts. Although the initial fire has been contained they are still limiting access to the area. There’s still a palpable natural gas odor in the area. It’s speculated that the fire originated after a spark from an issue in the kitchen area caught some of the roofing. Things escalated from there.

Firefighters After Putting Out Flames

Nativo Restaurant In Playa Del Carmen Suffered A Worst Fate   

The news about the fire in Dolphin Discovery has somewhat overshadowed another fire incident in Playa del Carmen. The Nativo restaurant basically burned to the ground completely Saturday morning. Nativo was a notorious spot for freshly squeezed juice, and breakfast dishes. It featured two palapa roofs that covered the entirety of the restaurant. Both of these roofs were obliterated by the fire. These dried palm tree leaves are highly flammable, and these two incidents are certainly proof of that. 

Similar Restaurant Facade

In this case the authorities are also investigating the cause of the fire. Although, they seem to believe that it may have been caused by faulty electric generators. Eyewitnesses claim that these generators were still causing sparks to fly into the air even after the fire brigade had managed to get the flames under control. 

Aerial View of The Beach Isla Mujeres

So far there have been no casualties or injuries to report from this incident either. The people who were inside the restaurant when the roof caught fire were able to realize this, and exit the restaurant. By the time the fire department arrived on the scene they were able to concentrate their efforts on putting out the flames. No rescue efforts had to be made. Sadly though, this local staple is no more.

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