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Police Slow Traffic On Road To Cancun Airport After Student Hit By Car

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After a student was tragically killed trying to cross the street to get to the Anahuac University in Cancun, the school along with local authorities are working to slow down traffic. They have set up speed bumps and have a police officer on hand to halt traffic and allow students to cross to and from the University. The move was certainly celebrated by the college community, unfortunately nothing was done until tragedy struck.

Speed Bumb Near Airport

The students conducted a march on the Colosio boulevard as a form of protest back in April after the university alumnus had been hit by a vehicle on her way to class. She would go on to tragically pass away 2 days after the march. The demands that the students made at the time were that authorities either set up stop lights in the crossing or build a bridge to allow them to cross away from incoming traffic. 

Police stopping a car

It would seem that the speed reducers and the presence of police are the quickest solution that authorities were able to provide. A bridge to allow students to walk across the road is also being built in the area at the moment. For now these two “solutions” are causing traffic to essentially come to a stand still right at the main entrance point to the university.   

Hotels Association Not Happy With Police For The Way They Fixed The Issue   

The set up of these speed bumps and the presence of local police to force drivers to stop isn’t a move that is being celebrated by everyone. In fact, the local Hotels Association has raised its concerns about what these speed reducers could mean for traffic in the road that leads to the Cancun Airport. President Jesus Almageur addressed only the traffic issue without celebrating the fact that something was done to increase the safety of the students. 

traffic jam

He claims though, that this speed reduction area has shown that any upgrades to nearby roads would cause massive traffic jams in one of the city’s main arteries. They want the city to provide solutions to potential traffic issues before they start closing off more parts of the road to go ahead with planned upgrades to the road itself. Alamaguer had this to say about the local police’s solution to the crossing problem,     

“We are seeing that there is no clear capacity (on the part of the authorities) to get things done the right way to ensure that tourists have a pleasant stay. I’m confident that authorities will hear our concerns, and come up with strategies to prioritize the traffic issue.”

Intersection In Cancun Near Airport

The President of The Hotels Association Suggests Solution

The President of the Hotels’ association even ventured into making suggestions on how the traffic issue could be resolved.

While he acknowledged that any upgrade to the roads would bring forth a long term benefit, he’s worried that the repairs could bring forth plenty of negative effects. In the worst case scenario the traffic could be so severe that it would scare away tourists. Almageur mentioned, 

Cancun Roads

“There are ways to get this done, we could close off one lane, and keep the other open to keep traffic flowing. We need to bring in people who know how to make things work.”      

The university, on the other hand, did not put out any formal statement regarding the traffic jam or the building of the new bridge that will lead to its campus. Effectively staying out of the way of the controversy surrounding the project. 

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