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Why An All-Inclusive May Be A Safer Choice Than Airbnb In Cancun 

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There are many great reasons to choose an all-inclusive over an Airbnb, like more amenities, hospitality, and multiple dining options, just to name a few.   

But one reason you may not have thought of is the safety factor, especially when visiting a vacation destination for the first time.   

Airbnb in Cancun, Mexico

All of the highly-rated resorts are typically in safe areas, whereas this may not always be the case when it comes to vacation rentals.   

This is why an all-inclusive may be a safer choice than an Airbnb in Cancun.   

It’s All About The Location Of The Cancun Airbnb 

When it comes to Airbnb rentals in Cancun, it’s all about the location.   

Not only do you want to be near the beaches, restaurants, and attractions, but to be in a safe neighborhood as well.   

Shockingly, it was recently discovered that a vacation rental in Cancun’s worst neighborhood, Otoch Paraíso Villas Fraccionamiento, was listed for rent on Airbnb.   

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How To Avoid Airbnbs In In Bad Areas In Cancun 

One of the best things you can do if you plan to book an Airbnb in Cancun is read reviews, lots of them.   

TikTok videos are also a great visual tool that you can use to really get an idea as to where an Airbnb is located and if it is up to your standards.   

Lastly, pinpointing the location on a map can help too, if you know the different areas of Cancun.  

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The Worst Neighborhoods In Cancun 

Recently, a report was released that pinpoints the worst neighborhoods in Cancun.   

The report details the five most dangerous areas of the vacation destination are.   

These areas include: 

  • Alfredo V. Bonfil 
  • Three Kings 
  • Otoch Paraíso Villas Fraccionamiento 
  • Green Valley 
  • Santa Cecilia  
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There Are Safe Airbnbs In Cancun Too 

It’s important to note that there are plenty of safe Airbnbs in Cancun too.   

These are located in safer neighborhoods in and around the famous Cancun Hotel Zone.   

They range in price from about $20 a night to as much as hundreds of dollars a night.   

Vacation rental with pool and chairs

How Popular Are Cancun Airbnbs? 

Airbnbs and other vacation rentals are actually quite popular in Cancun, and in fact, there are thousands of options.   

Throughout the Mexican Caribbean, there are more than 40,000 vacation rentals available, and the majority of those are located in and around Cancun.   

In the last couple of weeks, Airbnbs in the vacation destination have been at around 60 percent occupancy, and they remain a popular option in Cancun.  

A private villa with pool for rent in the Caribbean

Why The Cancun Hotel Zone Is So Safe 

The main reason that the Cancun Hotel Zone and the long list of all-inclusives in this tourist area may be a safer option is because of the extensive security in the area.   

Especially during the high season, hundreds of guards are usually deployed in the area to protect tourists.   

Additionally, there are cameras, drones, and other methods used to enhance security in the busiest tourist area.   

Tourists Walking Around Among Shops the Cancun Hotel Zone in Cancun, Mexico

Tips For Safely Booking A Cancun Airbnb 

Travelers use Airbnb all over the world, safely and happily. You just have to follow a few essential tips for safely booking a Cancun Airbnb for the best experience.   

Number one, try to opt for an Airbnb that has been booked many times already.  

Second, look at the reviews and pay attention to what reviewers say about the location.   

You can deal with minimal amenities, but you don’t want to spend your vacation in an area that you don’t want to be in, regardless of where you’re vacationing. 

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