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Why Cancun Is Safer Than The News Makes You Think 

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There is a good chance that if you’re planning a vacation in Cancun, you have probably heard some of the talk about the city not being safe, and you may even be a little worried about it.   

Warnings from U.S. officials and the government, as well as from news anchors, have been flooding social media and news outlets.   

Police Officer on a Street in Cancun, Mexico

This is following a couple of isolated incidents that recently took place, but rarely do they tell the whole story.   

The Real Story 

The truth is Cancun is a very safe vacation destination, and millions of Americans visit every year and don’t have any problems while they’re there.   

To be sure, crime does occur in Cancun and throughout the Mexican Caribbean, but it does in every tourist city across America too.   

So, to help alleviate some of the fears about visiting Cancun, we’re going to tell you why Cancun is safer than the news makes you think.  

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Huge Security Presence 

One of the reasons Cancun is safer than the news makes you think is that there is security everywhere.   

Officials not only deploy police officers all over the city, but members of the various military branches can also be seen driving and walking the streets as well.   

And if the huge presence of security personnel isn’t enough, there are security cameras everywhere to help law enforcement catch criminals when a crime does occur.   

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Monitoring Of Tourist Areas 

The tourist areas in Cancun are monitored more than anywhere else in the city by the Tourist Police and by agents of the military.   

It’s not uncommon to see soldiers walking along the beaches, in the Cancun Hotel Zone, and in the downtown area, where all of the bars and clubs are.   

This monitoring greatly deters the presence of criminals in these tourist hotspots, which means tourists who stick to these areas are pretty safe.  

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Minimal Crime In Tourist Hotspots 

Another reason Cancun is safer than the news would have you think is that they show crimes that occur, but they don’t necessarily tell you where they take place.   

Typically, very few of these crimes take place in tourist areas, aside from the recent incident mentioned below, which still did not leave any tourists injured.   

More often violent crimes take place in neighborhoods that tourists really have no need, or no business, being in. 

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So Why All The Warnings? 

Many of the warnings about security in Cancun stem from a couple of recent incidents that have taken place in the city.   

One is the battle between Uber and taxi drivers that developed after officials announced that Uber drivers can operate in the city.   

This caused a fair amount of animosity from taxi drivers, to the point where they have even attacked Ubers with tourists in them, although none have been extremely violent and the attacks seem to have slowed down.   

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The Most Recent Incident 

The more recent incident that has led to questions about Cancun’s security took place just a couple of weeks ago, at the beginning of April.   

Four people were shot and killed in the Cancun Hotel Zone in broad daylight near the Fiesta Americana Condesa Hotel, an area typically filled with tourists.   

Although the shooting is no doubt a scary incident, the fact is that the attack was likely directed toward individuals involved with drug dealing rather than tourists or hotel employees, none of which, as mentioned above, were injured during the attack. 

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Staying Safe 

The easiest way to stay safe when visiting Cancun or anywhere else is to always be conscious of your surroundings.   

Don’t wander off alone into unknown areas, and don’t make yourself an easy target.   

If you take these steps to protect yourself, you can have a safe and memorable vacation in Cancun. 

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