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Why Playa Del Carmen Is One Of The Safest Destinations In Mexico

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Playa del Carmen, a former little fishing village, has undergone incredible expansion over the past few decades, developing as one of the Mexican Caribbean’s most popular destinations

But safety concerns often creep into the minds of potential travelers, exacerbated by the negative portrayal of Mexico’s security situation in the media. 

However, you can rest assured –  Playa del Carmen is, without a doubt, a safe destination to visit. In fact, it’s renowned as one of the safest spots in the Mexican Caribbean, if not all of Mexico!

Playa del Carmen Street

So today, we’ll explore why Playa del Carmen is one of the safest locations in Mexico, debunk some common myths, and shed light on the measures taken by the local authorities to offer a secure environment.

Debunking Common Myths

One of the most pervasive misconceptions about Playa del Carmen is that it’s unsafe only because it is, well, in Mexico. Again, this perception is largely shaped by the media’s poor portrayal of Mexico’s security situation. 

Playa del Carmen Statue

Yes, there might be a few places in Mexico you should probably keep clear of – but Playa del Carmen is certainly not on the list.

Another popular belief is that the city is riddled with crime and that tourists are regularly targeted. While visiting a completely crime-free place is a nice idea, it’s a standard that very few destinations in the world can guarantee – especially when tourism is involved. 

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tourists walking in playa del carmen

Still, the notion that the town is plagued by crime and that tourists are prey is overblown and inaccurate. 

Of course, like any tourist hub, petty crimes and scams can happen. But fear not! Fortunately, these can readily be prevented by adopting basic preventative measures. 

Keeping a watch on your things, avoiding displaying valuable electronics or jewelry, and just remaining alert to your surroundings can go a long way.

Man pickpocketing a purse

Furthermore, things are getting palpably better at Playa del Carmen in regards to security.

Solidaridad, the municipality where Playa del Carmen is located, has been proactive in implementing robust security measures. Mayor Lili Campos Miranda and her team have been working hard to prioritize safety, protection, and tourism.

Recently, Canadian diplomatic authorities paid a visit to Solidaridad to discuss the security measures in place for Canadian tourists, who make up a significant portion of visitors to the area.

Let’s take a closer look at what these measures entail.

Police and Narcotics Dog Patrolling Playa del Carmen

Increased Security & Tourist Assistance

The police force in Playa del Carmen has been beefed up under the leadership of Secretary of Public Security, Raúl Tassinari. The number of officers has increased from 538 to 961, leading to better surveillance, crime prevention, and quicker response times.

The Solidaridad government has also made historic investments in safety equipment. Female officers now have specially designed bulletproof vests, ensuring their safety during operations.

Moreover, the municipality’s concern for the well-being of tourists and locals goes well beyond addressing crime prevention since Playa del Carmen is also well-prepared for potential natural disasters. 

Secretary of Civil Protection, Jorge Oropeza, highlighted the measures in place to protect the city during hurricane seasons. For example, hotels have established self-refuge shelters for guests in case of any weather-related emergencies.


Yet nowhere is the city’s dedication to tourism and visitor satisfaction more apparent than in the establishment of the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (CAPTA).

The state’s first organization of its sort, CAPTA aims to offer full assistance to travelers in need, ensuring their safety and resolving any issues they may have.

Playa del Carmen is shattering misconceptions about safety in Mexico by implementing effective security measures, increasing police presence, investing in safety equipment, and prioritizing emergency preparedness. 

police playa del carmen

The dedication of local authorities and their collaboration with international partners, such as Canada, underscore their commitment to creating a safe haven for residents and tourists alike. 

When planning your next trip, remember that Playa del Carmen offers not only beautiful beaches and vibrant culture but also a secure and enjoyable vacation experience.

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Friday 28th of July 2023

I lived in Playa for 5 years. It got progressively dangerous and I left.

An absolutely ridiculous article. Nice try.


Friday 9th of June 2023

I lived here for 5 months. Its definitely as dangerous as people say it is haha nice try