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Why Puerto Morelos Is Gaining Popularity As A Cancun Alternative

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Puerto Morelos, a resort town south of Cancun, is slowly gaining popularity compared to other Mexican Caribbean tourism heavyweights. The town is making a name for itself by focusing on its unique culture, architecture, and tropical charm. New hotels and resorts are also popping up in the town as demand soars. We’ve gathered some of the reasons behind Puerto Morelos’ success and what makes the destination so special.

Puerto Morelos aerial

Small-town Charm

Puerto Morelos offers travelers the chance to step into an authentic and laid-back tropical town. Compared to Cancun, which is packed with tourists and massive all-inclusive resorts, Puerto Morelos is home to a range of locally-run restaurants, cafes, as well as hotels. Although travelers can find a greater availability of accommodation in Cancun, visitors looking for an authentic Mexican Caribbean town can head to Puerto Morelos for a refreshing experience. 

Puerto Morelos sea

Travelers can immerse themselves in the town’s rich history, and they can find plenty of artisan shops in the main square, plaza Javier Rojo Gómez, as well as churches and unique architecture. 

Nature Abounds

Also known as the “Nature Gem of the Mexican Caribbean,” Puerto Morelos is one of the best locations along the Quintana Roo coastline for nature lovers. Divers and snorkelers will be especially pleased to know that the town offers plenty of opportunities for discovering the colorful underwater landscape – including the impressive Arrecife National Park. 

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Playa del Carmen Cenote

In addition to the town’s beautiful turquoise waters, travelers can visit the Cenote Route, which goes right through Puerto Morelos. Some of the top cenotes, or freshwater pools, to include in your itinerary include Cenote Boca de Puma and Cenote Siete Bocas. Travelers can choose from a range of outdoor excursions, including this affordable top-rated snorkeling tour.

Excellent Choice Of Hotels And Resorts

With hotel rates projected to skyrocket in Cancun and Playa del Carmen this winter, travelers can look to off-the-beaten-path destinations like Puerto Morelos for more availability and lower prices. Although the city only has 7,000 rooms, new hotels are being built, and the existing ones offer a casual and laid-back atmosphere compared to the massive all-inclusive resorts found in Cancun. 

Hotel beach bed

With sustainability being a major concern, many of the town’s new resorts are being built with a green future in mind by using eco-friendly materials and low-emission resources. According to Miguel Cámara Ruiz, the mayor of Puerto Morelos, the tropical town will continue to improve tourist infrastructure by improving the availability of new hotels.

bed with white sheets and accents on wall at Selina Tulum downtown property. private standard room.

Convenient Location

Located only 17 minutes from Cancun International Airport, Puerto Morelos is conveniently located in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, two of the most popular Mexican Caribbean destinations. Travelers can easily reach the location from Cancun’s airport by taxi, which should take around 35 to 45 minutes, costing some $65 to $85. Alternatively, tourists can opt for public transport, and a bus ride to Puerto Morelos only takes around 50 minutes. 

Puerto Morelos water

Tantalizing Culinary Scene

Puerto Morelos has the potential to become the next top Mexican Caribbean foodie destination. With a range of family-run restaurants serving authentic flavors, travelers can find a cozy atmosphere where they can enjoy local culinary delights, including classics such as Mexican tacos, but also more specialized dishes such as ceviche. 

Puerto Morelos sunset

Seafood is undoubtedly the town’s specialty: as a seaside location, many local fishermen deliver fresh seafood daily to the wide array of local restaurants operating there. Puerto Morelos restaurants are also increasingly fusing international and local flavors to create a unique blend, effectively putting the destination on foodies’ radars.  

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