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2 Tourists Are Missing In Cancun And Tulum

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Police Searches Are Underway For Both Unrelated Cases

Two tourists visiting Quintana Roo have been reported missing this week, prompting police investigations in Cancun and Tulum. Both cases are unrelated, and no one has been found as of yet.

wavy sea

The disappearances are a grave concern for all involved, and it is hoped that a resolution will be found soon. In particular, the Tulum disappearance has been so for a worryingly long period of time.

The first case involves a Romanian woman named Mirela Stefania Stanciu. Mirela was last seen on February 12th after attending a party in Tulum. The disappearance was not reported until March 7th. It is currently unclear why the report took almost a month to take place.

missing girl
Credit: FGE

The group she was traveling with returned home without her and reported her as last being seen in a bathing suit. The group could not communicate with Mirela, and so was forced to leave without her.

Local authorities have already announced the disappearance and have left contact details for anyone who may have information about her whereabouts to reach out. It is hoped there may be hope for the missing woman, but after such a long period with no reports of action taken, the case remains highly worrying.

tulum beach

The other case involved a Paraguayan man named Francisco Luis Alberto Talavera. The 26-year-old was on vacation in Cancun and was last seen swimming on the beach. The situation surrounding his disappearance is far less mysterious as it is assumed he was dragged away by the tide. His disappearance was registered on March 7th.

missing man
Credit: FGE

Francisco was attending a wedding in a nearby Cancun hotel and had gone to the beach with a few friends. Despite there being a red flag warning, he chose to swim. A red flag warning suggests that the water is unsafe due to strong tides, and swimming should be avoided. After 6:30 PM, there were no lifeguards available to assist Francisco as he was met with problems at sea.

A heavy search is underway for the man, and it is still hoped that the currents may have pulled him to an island where he is still alive. However, the time between the event and current search efforts highlights a worrying reality for those involved. His mother recently landed in Cancun, hoping to assist with any efforts. So far, no body or evidence has been recovered.

empty beach

According to some reports, other swimmers were having problems simultaneously. One of Francisco’s friends explained that around the time he lost sight of him, he was helping another swimmer who was having issues. When he finished helping the swimmer, Francisco was nowhere to be seen and may have been dragged under by the strong currents.

seaside and road

Once again, local authorities have released contact details asking anyone who may have information or sightings of Francisco to come forward as quickly as possible. As the search has been going on for several days and was expected to stop on Thursday or Friday, the outlook is not good. The Navy, firefighters, and local police were all involved in the search process.

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The news of these two sad cases comes at a time when Cancun and Quintana Roo are trying to convince the world of its safety for visitors. Organized crime has left many questions hanging over tourists’ heads, and the disappearance of Mirela, in particular, will be a worrying event for many hoping to visit. Although the circumstances surrounding her disappearance are still unclear, abduction or kidnapping has been suggested in several cases.

It should be noted that despite unfortunate events like this, the region remains very safe for tourists. Statistically, visitors have a higher chance of falling victim to crime in cities like Paris or Las Vegas.

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Wednesday 16th of March 2022

This year was our 16th visit to Mexico. We started our visits near Tulum and slowly made our way to the resorts in Cancun. We have always felt safe and welcomed by the people that reside in Mexico. We also do not go far off the beaten path nor do we go into unsafe areas in the U.S state that we live in. We will vacation again in Mexico next winter. It is always a nice break from the S.D cold.


Tuesday 7th of June 2022


I believe if you stay in after 10 pm and do not hang out on street corners or in crowded clubs attempting to buy drugs, your chances of being injured in a violent gun war, or to go missing, are far less than your chances of experiencing violence in a US City.


Sunday 13th of March 2022

Having vacation in Cancun and the Riviera Maya several times over the past five years, I can honestly say that I never felt unsafe, in timidity, or threatened (at least after running the airport attack gauntlet of time share agents, taxi drivers and tour guides, etc.).

At the same time, there are portions of many US cities that I wouldn't make the same claim.

Two probable swimming accidents do not deserve a "missing tourists" headline.


Tuesday 7th of June 2022


I agree. I have not heard of any school massacres here either...

We need to all be smart and realize the bs media here is the same as it is in other areas..... not true and propaganda...