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2 U.S. Families Detained After Cancun Hotel Billing Mixup

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Two Families Forced To Pay Cancelled Excursion Package Before Leaving

Two families saw their Cancun vacation end in a terrible fashion when their hotel detained them for not paying for a canceled package. The hotel in question is the Hard Rock Hotel, a popular spot for many visitors to the region. 

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The two families were traveling to Cancun from Tampa and had originally booked an excursion package worth around $1200. Before leaving for their trip, the families changed their minds and canceled the package.

The families enjoyed their stay in Mexico and had no other problems until checkout. As they were getting ready to leave the premises and settle the bill, the $1200 had reappeared on the check. The families had been told the cancelation was taken care of and were surprised to be billed for the large sum of money.

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Both parties refuted the charges and refused to pay the bill. According to the father of one of the families, the exchanges got heated, and security guards working at the establishment were asked to secure the doors. The families’ baggage was taken from the waiting airport shuttle and brought back into the hotel, where they were barred from leaving.

The mother of the same family speaks Spanish and heard the manager saying “secure the exits” to the guards, prompting a justifiable amount of concern for them. Eventually, both families decided to pay the bills on their credit cards and deal with it later.

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Hard Rock Hotel, a hotel chain known around the globe, contacted the families several days later to apologize and assure them that the employees responsible will be reprimanded. The family also confirmed that they did receive a refund for the $1200.

Cancun is trying to avoid incidents like this cropping up, especially over the busy Easter period. The city is enjoying a surging comeback after the pandemic. Mexico’s relaxed stance in regards to COVID restrictions allowed the region to skyrocket to the top of the world’s most popular destinations.

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But now that the rest of the planet is removing its own restrictions, the city has work to do to ensure that it remains so popular. The new market may not return if it finds the city’s infrastructure, safety, or any number of other problems too much. European destinations and other Caribbean islands have a better reputation for safety than Cancun and with those options now back on the table for most travelers, it may be enough to pull them away from the region.

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Easter week has seen over a million tourists pour into Quintana Roo, in what is the first vacation for many of those traveling. With so much potential for the week, the government has invested a lot of time and money into securing the region. Multiple security programs have been installed, including the addition of several thousand national guard soldiers.

Businesses have been reminded to keep on top of health and safety requirements after a number of incidents drew negative press for the area. One particularly shocking event saw a popular Playa del Carmen restaurant explode after a gas tank caught alight. Three people were killed in the explosion and a further twenty were injured.

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Two more Americans were killed while diving after another company’s boat sailed through a diving zone – a huge industry no-no. They were struck by the rotor of the boat and killed instantly.

Situations like this call into question the safety of Cancun and Quintana Roo. Even if problems happen in other areas, the reputation of Mexico does double the damage to a tourist’s view of a place when they happen there.

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Those hoping to travel to Cancun in the near future should double-check their bookings and ensure they have a reservation for all the activities and restaurants they are hoping to have.

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Monday 18th of April 2022

Hi ! I visited Riviera Maya, Barcelo Riviera Maya resort . We came back home on the Apr11,22 and have experienced the same . We were almost late for the bus and we still had to pay the excursions even though we didnt go. Manager and supervisor did nothing . Initially booking person from Barcelona vacations told us it can not be charged to the room we need to pay with cash and if we don’t show up its automatically canceled. I am still so upset about this . Of course they charged it to the room and did not let us check out until we pay. I’m so mad .

Jesus Quiñonez

Monday 18th of April 2022

Hard Rock group worst ever we visited their at Riviera Maya, we bought a time share to sellsman Noe and now that we want to use the time share there ir never rooms available but if we pay an Xtra premium they can find rooms for my family, we talked to several people including Noe and all they say is sorry keep trying different dates, it is all paid of for nothing.