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Cancun Expects Greatest Share of Quintana Roo’s 1.2 Million Tourists During Easter Week

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Huge Amounts Of Tourists Expected To Flood Into The Region For Easter

Cancun is expecting the lion’s share of the expected 1.2 million tourists passing through Quintana Roo in Easter Week. The local government is currently preparing to welcome massive amounts of visitors.

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Easter week is an important week in any beach destination’s calendar and Cancun will be working to ensure this year is a success. With so many competitors now opening up, the advantage the resort town gained during the pandemic has drastically lessened. The goal for the state as a whole will be to cling to any new business gained over the past two years.

Hotel occupancy rates are approaching full capacity for the week and as many as 200 thousand tourists could be moving through the state at any one time. The state has been in the safe green zone on Mexico’s epidemiological traffic light system for well over a month and it’s unlikely to regress even in the case of an outbreak.


Interestingly, Europeans may make up the majority of the tourists visiting this holiday period. Generally speaking, Americans are the most significant market for Cancun, but the perfect storm of COVID and even the tragic situation in Ukraine is having a positive impact on European decisions to head to Mexico.

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With so many of Europe’s major beach spots, like the Canary Isles, the Spanish coast, and Greece still facing restrictions (although most are relaxing now), the significantly longer transatlantic flight became more attractive for many. Combine this with the threat of instability in Europe, and the Mexican Caribbean is an excellent choice and well worth the journey.

Many have questioned how likely it is that Cancun will keep these “borrowed” tourists, and it’s a fair possibility that when the rest of the world returns to normality the trip will no longer be worth it for a beach getaway. But still, with so many arriving soon, Quintana Roo has an excellent opportunity to set itself up as a major destination for many years to come.

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It’s not without its problems, however. Cancun is facing multiple problems that many of its competitors in Europe are free of. The increased gang violence and concerning statistics that follow remain a public image nightmare for the state. Although the violence rarely touches tourists, there is no hiding behind the murder rate which shows more than 100 murders since the beginning of the year. 

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It’s left Cancun in the strange situation of being listed as one of the most dangerous cities in the world while being one of the most popular.

The Government is taking steps to ensure the tourists remain safe but has also reminded visitors of the rules they must abide by when entering the country. One of the reasons the crime rate is increasing so much is the directly related fact that many visitors seek out drugs on their arrival. A larger presence of customers makes the region much more valuable. The new program is attempting to scare tourists into realizing how much they risk by partaking in illegal activities. 

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Further work is to be done, but tourists can almost guarantee that there will no problems if common sense is followed. When it comes to tourist safety, Cancun ranks higher than Paris, a city where almost no one would anticipate anything other than pickpockets.

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Tourists looking to head to Cancun at the last minute for Easter should book immediately. Occupancy is almost maxed out across the board. Those with hotels already booked should get in touch with restaurants or tourist activity providers to ensure they are able to take part in any excursions or eat at the places they would prefer as bookings will fill up fast.

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