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U.S. Issues Warning For All Travelers Headed To Cancun & Mexican Caribbean This Spring

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The U.S. Embassy & Consulates In Mexico department has issued a warning for all U.S. travelers visiting Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean this spring.

This is done in the spirit of protecting every American while on vacation and with the express purpose of providing useful and up-to-date information that empowers U.S. citizens to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean safely during spring break and easter.

Tourists at Playa Marlin, in the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

The Warnings

Many of the warnings put out by the U.S. Embassy & Consulates In Mexico center around situations that are useful for Americans to be aware of year-round.

So, even if you are not traveling during the spring period, the following information remains super helpful and important.

travelers dancing on a beach with a sunset in the background

Presence of Crime

While Cancun has made big strides since the pandemic to improve security, there still remain issues that travelers should be aware of.

It will come as no surprise that the majority of instances of crime that travelers come into contact with revolve around narcotics.

For travelers who don’t partake in the consumption of narcotics, there is little to worry about, but getting involved in the purchase of these substances places travelers in a potentially dangerous situation.

mexican police with a narcotics detection dog

Personal Responsibility

Some of the other big safety issues highlighted by the U.S. Embassy & Consulates In Mexico aren’t related to crime and are easily avoided with a responsible approach to personal safety. They include:

  • Water safety – Always obey lifeguards and the beach flag system to stay safe while swimming.
  • Medical Emergencies – Medical facilities in Cancun are of a good standard, and travelers should take full advantage of this if the need arises. In an emergency, dial 911.
  • Drink Responsibly – Travelers go to Cancun to let loose and enjoy life, but even in these moments it’s important to drink alcohol responsibly. It isn’t uncommon for highly intoxicated travelers to be arrested for being drunk and disorderly. Equally, public urination is also illegal.
  • Firearms – These are strictly controlled in Mexico, and the importation of either firearms or ammunition can lead to serious repercussions, including incarceration and deportation.
  • Pharmaceuticals – Over the past year there have been reports of counterfeit medication being sold within Mexico. Travelers should only seek out prescription medication under the advisement of a doctor, and only from reputable big-box pharmacies.
Big-box pharmacy chain Farmacia Guadalajara

Tips To Stay Safe

The warning from the U.S. Embassy & Consulates In Mexico also came with stellar advice on staying safe while on vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.

One piece of advice was to enroll in the State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, this helpful service keeps American travelers up to date on the current safety situation in all areas of Mexico, and also allows the U.S. Embassy to directly contact citizens in emergencies.

seal of the embassy of the united states of america

Additionally, it is advised travelers download the Guest Assist application on their smartphones. This is a fantastic initiative from the government of Quintana Roo that lays out all the services available to Americans while in the Mexican Caribbean.

This information is invaluable to travelers when in need of assistance and includes all emergency services, as well as information on consumer rights and how to exercise them.

a municipal police vehicle in mexico

Furthermore, the importance of regularly monitoring both credit and debit card transactions is highlighted. In the past, there have been instances of cards being cloned or swapped and travelers incurring large charges.

To avoid this, it is best to pay for most goods and services in the Mexican Caribbean using cash. When withdrawing cash from an ATM, it is best to use in-bank ATMs that are guarded by security.

This is due to a trend in Mexico of less public and unguarded ATMs being the target of organized criminals either cloning credit cards or committing robbery to relieve travelers of freshly withdrawn cash.

ATM inside a bank in Mexico

Nothing New, But All Important

Thankfully, this latest warning to U.S. travelers doesn’t highlight any new issues to deal with. And instead, it is a timely reminder of the important basics of having a safe and enjoyable vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.

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