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This New Ride Platform Is Coming To The Mexican Caribbean In March 

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When visiting any destination, getting there is the easy part because once there, you’ll need to figure out how to get to your hotel and from place to place during your trip.   

In popular Mexican Caribbean hotspots like Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum, there are several different options, including taxis, Uber, and private transportation.   

The latter is one of the most popular options, and a new ride platform called Mueve-T that’s coming to the Mexican Caribbean in March will make booking private transportation easier than ever.   

Cars on a Tree-Lined Street in Cancun, Mexico

The Mueve-T Platform 

Mueve-T is a Mexican rideshare company that’s similar to Uber and Didi in several ways.   

It allows private transfer operators to offer ride services through an app.   

Travelers can then book rides through that app and be picked up wherever they are located.   

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Mueve-T’s Initial Launch  

The plan is for Mueve-T to be launched in March of this year, although a specific date has not yet been announced.   

According to Mueve-T’s operational director, Juan Gonzalez Duran, the company expects to launch with 500 or more drivers.   

He commented, “Currently, we have more than 300 registered drivers, and we are constantly receiving requests for information to be part of our platform.”   

He further stated that the company expects to reach as many as 6,000 drivers throughout the Mexican Caribbean.  

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Riding With Mueve-T 

Riding with Mueve-T will be a little bit different compared to riding with other platforms.   

One of the reasons for this is that rides are offered on a fixed price basis, although it’s unclear what the prices will be at this time.   

The company has stated that they offer more fair pricing, but until operations begin, we won’t know what that pricing looks like.   

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What Makes Mueve-T Different From Other Platforms 

Aside from the different pricing structures offered to customers, Mueve-T charges their drivers differently, too, which allows for that fixed price pricing.   

Rather than being charged commissions for every ride, drivers will pay a set monthly rate of around $176.   

This allows for more predictable income for drivers and more fair pricing for passengers.  

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Other Services Offered By Mueve-T 

Another thing that makes Mueve-T unique is that drivers can offer not just rides but also other services to customers.   

Users can request a driver to run errands for them or even request roadside assistance through the Mueve-T app.   

Another convenient feature of the app is the option for users to rent a car through it.   

uber driver using GPS system

The Cost Of Traveling In The Mexican Caribbean 

If you have ever traveled in the Mexican Caribbean, then you’ve probably seen firsthand how expensive it can be to get from one place to the next, even just taking a taxi from Cancun Airport to the Hotel Zone.   

The trip is only about 15 miles and can cost as much as $65 or more each way.   

Getting to destinations beyond Cancun is especially pricey, costing more than $100 just to get to nearby Playa del Carmen and even more to get to further destinations like Tulum.   

While the Maya Train will likely lower the cost of getting to these destinations, having a fairly priced private transportation option is a plus for visitors.   

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Why Private Transportation Is So Popular   

There are several reasons why private transportation is such a popular choice for tourists.   

Pricing transparency, the option to book larger vehicles for groups, and comfortability, just to make a few.   

The biggest reason for the popularity of private transportation, though, is the convenience of being able to book in advance and have your driver waiting for you upon arrival. The Mueve-T app will make that even easier.

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Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Why do you insist on just getting dumber and dumber on this matter that is consequential and vital to the growth of tourism. Put these cab drivers, every single one of them, on the Uber app and make them perform like they should. If they don’t make enough money driving using the Uber app then they need to find a different occupation. Guests are tired of the nonsense about this very matter. If you want to maintain the momentum that Mexico has globally about a place to come visit and invest, straighten out transportation. It’s complete nonsense. Here’s a great example. There should be a platform also known as Uber that qualifies the drivers and allows them to leave reviews about their passengers, as well as allowing their passengers to leave reviews about them. This will enhance and help those that are committed to doing the best job that they can. And the guests have an avenue to judge if they want to use that service and driver or not. You guys want to just keep screwing around with this Taxi cartel like in Cozumel that has twice as many cabs as necessary and needed and you need to enter the 21st-century and realize what is going on. Guests hate this taxi nonsense and go vacation elsewhere because it has such a negative history that scares them. Hire professionals that know how to execute these matters properly and help you ensure growth to 30 million people in the next 40 years in this high-speed Tren Maya serviced area in 5 SE States. If you don’t this will simply be a huge, huge failure.

I’m happy to help because I love Mexico, the Mexican people, and the Mexican lifestyle, and I want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Call me, Send a representative, I don’t care, you really need to get this sorted out right now. Same as this sad Tren Maya roll out. It’s OK Obrador, to admit others may have solid Great solutions that they are happy to share with you in this awesome endeavor.

Like Nike says, Just Do iT🇨🇦🙏🇲🇽