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Cancun Tourists Urged To Be Cautious Of Marine Life While Enjoying Hotel Zone Beaches 

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Although shark attacks are pretty rare in Cancun, it isn’t uncommon for them to be swimming in the waters off of the coast.   

Recently a tourist caught four bull sharks on camera in the water in the Cancun Hotel Zone.   

Bull sharks can be territorial, so Cancun tourists are being urged to be cautious of marine life when enjoying Hotel Zone beaches.   

Tourists on the beach in Cancun

Cancun Authorities Ramping Up Beach Surveillance  

Videos of the sharks were shared by the tourists who caught them on camera on social media.   

The video clearly shows four sharks swimming around, none of which are very far offshore.   

This has led authorities in Cancun to increase surveillance of the beaches to be able to alert beachgoers of the presence of possibly dangerous marine life. 

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How To Tell If Sharks Are In The Water 

It’s not always easy to see sharks in the water from the shore.   

The tourists who recorded the video of the most recent presence of sharks were likely only able to see them because they were on a balcony overlooking the water.   

One way that you can tell if there are sharks or other dangerous marine life in the water is by looking for a white beach flag, which is used to signal their presence.   

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What To Do If You See A Shark 

The key to getting out of any dangerous situation is staying calm rather than panicking.   

If you see a shark in the water when you’re swimming, your best option is to calmly and quickly exit the water.   

If possible, you should also try to keep the shark in sight as you’re exiting.   

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When You Can Expect To See More Sharks In Cancun 

Sharks can be seen in most waters at any time.   

The season you can most likely expect to see sharks in the Mexican Caribbean, though, is between November and March.   

It’s during this time that pregnant bull sharks give birth to their young, which is why they seek out these warm waters.

This is the opposite time of year compared to when whale sharks visit, which is between June and September and is a popular excursion that tourists love.

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Why Bull Sharks Can Be Dangerous 

Bull sharks are known to be territorial, which makes them aggressive as well.   

What makes them more dangerous, though, is the fact that they can often be found in shallow coastal waters, where humans swim.   

This is why they’re considered to be one of the most dangerous sharks, but despite how dangerous they could be, attacks are pretty rare. 

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Last Shark Attack In Cancun  

The last shark attack to take place in Cancun was during spring break last year.   

A 10-year-old American tourist was bitten in the leg while swimming in the water.   

According to reports, the young boy and his brother were only in knee-deep water when a wave came in and brought a shark with it, which then bit the boy.   

His injuries were pretty severe but thankfully not life-threatening.   


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Other Dangerous Marine Life To Watch Out For In Cancun 

Sharks are definitely something to watch out for when you’re swimming in Cancun, but you’re much more likely to see jellyfish, and even that is somewhat rare.   

Jellyfish stings can be painful but rarely deadly and can usually be treated pretty easily.   

The important thing is to pay attention to your surroundings and to avoid the water, even shallow water, if that white flag is posted by authorities because it means that dangerous marine life has been spotted in the water.   

If you take these precautions, you’ll very likely be safe when swimming at Cancun’s beaches. 

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