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James Henry Currie – Cancun Travel Writer

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James Henry Currie

About James Henry Currie

James Is A Writer At The Cancun Sun


I’m James Henry Currie, a dedicated and passionate travel news writer with a year of experience bringing important travel news to the readers of The Cancun Sun.

My journey in travel news journalism is young, although I have been writing professionally for over 5 years, and I take huge pride in the job we do here at The Cancun Sun to inform travelers.

I’m committed to bringing informative and up-to-date travel news to our readers, helping them to be as well-informed as possible about this outstanding vacation destination.

Originally from Ireland, I now live full-time in Mexico and have traveled extensively across the country. My intimate knowledge of the culture, language, and even the less-than-glossy aspects helps me to be accurate and fair in my reporting.”

James Henry Currie

James Henry Currie Background

Experience: 5 Years of Journalism & Writing Specializing in Cancun Travel

Articles Written: Over 200

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