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Why The Mexican Caribbean Is Perfect For 2024’s Top 3 Travel Trend Predictions

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When it comes to choosing a travel destination, few places in the world can match the Mexican Caribbean when it comes to providing for every vacation type.

Families, couples, friends groups, and even solo travelers can find their perfect trip in this stunning corner of the world.

On top of this, the Mexican Caribbean almost always plays a huge role in travel trends, whether by setting them or by adapting at breakneck speed to provide new directions in travel.

So, with that in mind, it’s no surprise that 2024s top 3 travel trend predictions can be perfectly experienced in the Mexican Caribbean.

A Mexican Caribbean beach on a sunny day with no crowds

Embracing Sustainability

Something travelers will notice on the flight into Cancun International Airport is the vast jungle that sweeps across the Yucatan peninsula.

This tropical area of Mexico is home to an almost unbelievable amount of biodiversity and natural wealth, and thankfully, that wealth is both respected and protected by locals and travelers alike.

Across the Mexican Caribbean, travelers have endless options to craft a sustainable and ecologically respectful vacation, no more so than the stunning low-lying island of Holbox, north of Cancun.

This small island decided long ago that gas-guzzling cars shouldn’t be allowed there and instead opted to employ electric golf carts and bicycles as the allowed modes of transport.

In all the tourism destinations around the world, few are willing to take this drastic step to protect their local environment, but the outcome in Holbox speaks for itself as it remains ecology-strong.

But it isn’t just a lack of gas-powered vehicles that leans towards sustainability on Holbox; travelers can find wind-powered hotels as well as restaurants serving sustainably fished ingredients that all play their part in keeping the island as majestic as ever.

Travelers may not be surprised that places like Holbox, smaller more intimate destinations, are taking steps towards sustainability, but even the super-destination of Cancun is doing its part.

Recycling, eco-friendly accommodation, transportation initiatives, and greater oversight on construction planning have seen Cancun change its ways drastically in the past few years.

Avoiding The Crowds

Cancun as a destination has traditionally been a seasonal destination, with the winter months standing out as the time of year when visitor numbers get so high that even finding accommodation can become difficult.

With those big crowds come higher prices, and with no real incentive to offer deals to fill rooms, resorts can become quite expensive.

Compare that to the summer months in the Mexican Caribbean, and the cause of the rise of shoulder season travel becomes easy to understand.

cancun crowds

Lower prices, smaller crowds, as well as experiences impossible to find in the winter season all contribute to the growing trend of visiting the Mexican Caribbean during shoulder season.

For example, travelers visiting during the summer months can experience the majestic migration of whale sharks near the island of Holbox or the nesting of sea turtles along the coast, both impossible in the winter months.

On top of this, the smaller crowds can help reveal a more authentic side to the Mexican Caribbean. Visitor numbers get so high here in the winter that the destination can begin to feel more like Florida than Mexico, and while that works for many, for other travelers, it can rob some of the magic of a vacation abroad.

Female Tourist Lounging in a Hammock in the Bacalar Lagoon in Bacalar, Mexico

An Off-Path Travelers Dream

One of 2024’s biggest trend predictions is off-the-beaten-path travel. And for travelers in the know, the Mexican Caribbean has been one of the best places in the world for this type of vacation since before that phrase was coined.

Take Tulum as an example. While it’s now the hottest destination in the world and one of the most Instagrammable places to visit, it was once a hippie and backpacker’s haven hidden away from mass tourism.

Thankfully, for travelers who want to have that off-path experience for themselves, the Mexican Caribbean is bursting with places just like the old Tulum to visit.

boutique hotels in bacalar with blue water

Xul Ha, Bacalar, Cozumel, and many other smaller destinations are still in their infancy when it comes to tourism and, as a result, offer a truly authentic experience of tropical Mexico.

All along the coast south of Cancun, travelers have many discoveries to make, from sprawling nature reserves to barely explored Maya ruins nestled away in the dense jungle.

For off-path travel lovers don’t need the world because the Yucatan peninsula is their oyster.

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