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Barriers To Be Installed In Tulum As Sargassum Begins To Arrive 

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Sargassum season used to start around April in the Mexican Caribbean, but over the last couple of years, the season has begun as early as February.   

This year, sargassum is already arriving in the Mexican Caribbean destination of Tulum, and officials are ready to address the situation.   

They’ve announced that barriers will be installed in Tulum just as sargassum begins to arrive.   

Aerial View of Sargassum on a Beach in Tullum, Mexico

Sargassum Explained 

Sargassum isn’t something you have to worry about regarding a safety situation, but not necessarily something you want to deal with on vacation.   

It’s a brown seaweed that washes up on Mexican Caribbean beaches, particularly during certain seasons.   

You may have seen sargassum on beaches in the U.S. as well, as it originates in the Atlantic Ocean, where it gathers to form what is known as the Sargassum Sea before currents carry it to the Mexican Caribbean.  

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Sargassum Season In The Mexican Caribbean 

Sargassum can arrive any time during the year in the Mexican Caribbean, but the season runs from April through August.   

It’s typically the worst at the beginning of the season and then slowly winds down by fall.   

If you really want to escape sargassum, the best time to visit is late fall and early winter.   

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How Sargassum Barriers Work 

Sargassum barriers are installed to stop the seaweed from reaching the shores in places like Tulum and other Mexican Caribbean destinations.   

In the case of Tulum, the barrier will be about a mile wide.   

While this doesn’t totally eliminate the sargassum problem, it greatly reduces the amount that reaches the destination’s beautiful beaches.   

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Other Ways Officials Deal With Sargassum 

There’s a whole crew of people trying to figure out the best ways to deal with sargassum in the Mexican Caribbean, and beyond.   

Environmentalists, scientists, tourism officials, and others have proposed various solutions.   

The Navy has been deployed to collect sargassum while it’s still out to sea.   

Local governments have workers remove it from the beaches once it arrives.   

They are even exploring ways to turn sargassum into useful materials, like fertilizer.   

In the future, it’s possible that sargassum won’t be a problem at all.   

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Sargassum’s Effect On Tourists 

Sargassum isn’t necessarily dangerous for tourists, but it’s still not something you want to deal with when you’re visiting an idyllic tropical beach.   

The biggest problem is taking away from the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean beaches.   

It also emits a foul odor as it decays, but for the most part, it’s completely harmless.   

@alexandraluciadance So much sargassum red seaweed! Scientists say it's due to rising sea level temperature and more arsenic in the ocean 🌊. It's traveling through the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico like a blob. Mexican government is building a boat wall to stop it from coming to shore. I think we could solve this problem before it grows . What do you think ? #sargassum #climatechange #oceantemperature #gulfofmexico #tulum #tulummexico #tulumbeach ♬ Ocean Sounds with Music – Ocean Waves Radiance

Beaches Where You Might Be Able To Escape The Sargassum 

It may come as a surprise that not all beaches are created equal in the Mexican Caribbean when it comes to sargassum, but it’s true.   

There are several spots where sargassum is often minimal, if present at all.   

Two of those places are both tropical island paradises, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres.   

Both are not too far from Tulum, so if you’re looking to escape sargassum for a day during your vacation, these two destinations might give you a bit of respite.   

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Another Way To Take A Dip Away From Sargassum 

If you visit Tulum or any other Mexican Caribbean destination, and the sargassum is overwhelming, you do have another option for taking a dip to cool off.   

Cenotes are natural swimming holes located throughout the Mexican Caribbean, and they offer a unique swimming experience.   

There are hundreds throughout the region, so if the beaches are filled with sargassum, you do have another option. 

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Loreto nunez

Tuesday 30th of January 2024

As far as i know sargassum, can not be a problem at the resorts any more on the near future,because all the tourist from every where pay a 35 dollar fee just to contain it away from the resorts.