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Why Cancun All Inclusives Will Be An Even Better Deal In 2024

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The cost of a vacation to Cancun has seen a number of increases throughout 2023, with inflation and the Mexican peso’s strength against the dollar hitting traveler’s pockets in more ways than one.

Which is why the news that Cancun’s restaurants are expected to bring in a 7-11% price increase across their menus is adding more value than ever to the all-inclusive vacation package.

Cancun restaurants have in the past offered reasonable pricing, but that value-for-money offering has lost a lot of its strength in the current economic situation.

A seaview from a Cancun resort

The Cost Weigh-Up

At face value, the all-inclusive vacation packages in Cancun have a higher cost per night than non-inclusive resorts; that won’t be a shock to anyone, but it’s important for each traveler to do their budget on what they think they would spend per day in a non-inclusive resort, versus what an all-inclusive package will cost.

For a couple, eating out 3 times per day, plus drinks at the poolside and in the evening can easily total up to $2-300, including tips.

Beautiful Cancun Resort with Tourists Sitting Around the Pool

All-Inclusive Doesn’t Mean Average

With so many all-inclusive resorts in Cancun, travelers don’t need to settle for average when it comes to their meals.

While some do fit the buffet table reputation that gets used as a negative when speaking about all-inclusives, there is no shortage of outstanding resorts in Cancun that provide dining options that could impress Gordon Ramsey.

Delicious Mexican tacos in a restaurant in Costa Mujeres

More Than Just A Better Deal

A vacation is about more than just the total cost, and many travelers are happy to pay a little extra to make sure their trip is as great as it possibly can be.

And while food and drinks being included in all-inclusive packages is, without doubt, a huge positive, there is much more value to be found that helps travelers have the best vacation possible.

Travelers toasting cocktails at a resort bar

Predictability & Peace Of Mind

While not a romantic point to make, the predictability of the total cost of a vacation when enjoying an all-inclusive package is important to many travelers. It allows for much better budgeting and a clear goal for travelers to save when making their payments after booking.

Perhaps even more important is the peace of mind that comes with an all-inclusive package. With meals guaranteed and no need to do the math on how many cocktails can be enjoyed in the evening, the stress of budgeting is removed.

A vacation is meant to take the weight and stress of everyday life off a person’s shoulders, and what better way than being able to choose whatever you want from a drink or food menu without ever needing to consider price?

Hyatt Ziva Food

Time Taken Back

Another positive of an all-inclusive package that doesn’t get enough love is the time it returns to travelers.

Searching for a restaurant, checking reviews, and planning how to get there and get back can all add up to a lot of lost time when done three times per day.

The convenience of having multiple great restaurants just a short walk through the resort is great, and it’s super-easy to find out from fellow guests in the resort what items on the menu can’t be missed.

Couple eating Mexican food

No Need To Compromise

All-inclusive packages have been around for decades, and in the early days, many of them left a lot to be desired.

Horror stories of bland, barely warm food being served on industrial-sized buffet tables, bottom-shelf liquor with as much alcohol content as mouthwash, and suspect hygiene standards all tainted the reputation of all-inclusive vacations across the world.

Food In Local Fonda

Thankfully, where Cancun is concerned, that isn’t the case. Many of the destination’s resorts offer luxury that could make the British Royal family blush, and standards across all aspects are very high.

This is in part due to the high but fair standards demanded by the millions of Americans who visit each year. Who rightly expect great service, good food, and a fair value for their buck.

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